Gauging Homecoming’s possible return

Ambiguity over Fauxcoming’s date means watching the months ahead in terms of parties, Woolf says

Students and alumni may only have to wait a few more months to hear Principal Daniel Woolf’s decision about the reinstatement of a fall reunion.

Following last Saturday’s quiet “Fauxcoming” celebrations, Woolf said the weekend’s events will have an impact on the future of fall reunions.

“It was a successful weekend,” he said. “There were general overall improvements … Obviously zero people would be best, but the numbers were fewer.”

Woolf said prior to last weekend, he was hopeful but not confident that things would go smoothly.

Homecoming was officially cancelled after the fall 2008 event, which saw over 120 arrests for public intoxication. This year, only 12 people received the same charge.

The original cancellation of Homecoming was slated for two years, but was extended an additional three years until 2014.

In May, the University Council voted in favour of Woolf bringing Homecoming back a year early, a decision he said he would consider.

Because of the ambiguity of when this year’s “Fauxcoming” was set to take place, Woolf said he wants to see how the months ahead fare in terms of street parties.

“[We need to] remind people we have several weekends to go and we have to look at the whole term.”

The structure of a possible future reunion is currently being discussed and devised by multiple consultation groups, which include Rector Nick Francis and AMS President Doug Johnson as members. Woolf said he’s also spoken to alumni about the issue.

“This is clearly an issue of great importance,” he said.

A decision could be made by the end of the term or the end of the football season, Woolf said.

“At the very latest, the beginning of winter term … when the weather is a little colder.”

Woolf said he thinks the shift to a quieter weekend was the result of four years of no official events.

“There has been less of a focus on a particular weekend,” he said. “At the end of the day, the students and alumni need to have a safe celebration.”

Johnson, ArtSci ’12, said the AMS is working collaboratively with student groups and the Municipal Affairs Commission to ensure that Homecoming comes back next year.

“The AMS fully supports the return of a fall reunion in 2013 and now it’s just a matter of what it looks like,” he said.


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