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From David Bowie’s blouses to Kurt Cobain rocking dresses, gender bending clothing is breaking down exclusivity in fashion. The fashion industry is letting go of traditional approaches towards design, campaigns and models, and with gender bending clothing the possibilities are unlimited.

Many years ago, gender-fluid fashion began within the LGBTQ community — more specifically as a staple in queer style. Now, people of all sorts of backgrounds are fed up with fashion representing masculine and feminine stereotypes. Mainstream designers are ditching gender-targeted campaigns and clothing, and instead are creating ambiguous garments that appeal to people of all ages, races and sexes. 

The rising acceptance of genderless apparel has assisted in breaking down normalcy, and has helped us embrace a gender-neutral alternative that’s now considered fashion forward, edgy and comfortable. 

It’s simple and easy to incorporate androgynous style into your wardrobe. You can start by bending your wardrobe to encompass hints of androgynous style with the following examples:


A button up shirt is the perfect start. Pair it with a cardigan, blazer, or, throw on a sweater on top, and let the collar show to add a touch of versatility. Long shapeless coats with a neutral pattern are a fantastic option to pair with any outfit during the colder months.


Jeans are a good choice, as they come in many different shapes. Women in boyfriend jeans and men wearing tighter fitting jeans are common trends. Personally, I regularly wear what some like to label “dad jeans”, because I think they’re more comfortable, not as tight and have a slightly higher waistline. You can choose to adjust the proportions of you outfit as well, either by tucking in a shirt, and wearing a longer blazer, or buttoning up a flannel all the way, but not tucking it in. 


Canvas sneakers are unisex, and men and women can both equally rock a pair of Vans or Converse. Oxford shoes are also great for both genders and can be paired with more formal outfits.

Colours and patterns

Colours and patterns are a great way to incorporate androgynous style into your wardrobe. Mixing and matching gendered colours, such as pink and blue, and patterns like floral and flannel can blur the line between gendered dresses and create a cool androgynous look.  

My personality doesn’t directly reflect the encouraged sense of masculinity or femininity, which means there’s no point for me to present myself as something that I’m not.  

Fashion should never be exclusive to one set of people and adding a binary system makes clothing way more complex than it should ever be. 

Androgynous style is whatever you want it to be; it’s specific to your emotions and experiences. As long as you feel good, those vibrations will flow through you and express confidence and 



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