Graduate Student Trustee election underway

Elected candidate to represent all graduate and professional students

Graduate Trustee is only one of three students who sit on the Board of Trustees.

The Graduate Student Trustee position is currently up for grabs. The SGPS is actively working on running the election for the position. 

The graduate student trustee is elected to a two-year term to represent graduate and professional students at the Queen’s Board of Trustees. The Board is responsible for the financial and strategic development of the University and the hiring of high-level administrators, such as the Principal.

Nominations for the position opened on Sept. 1 and closed on Sept. 12. The SGPS is hosting an all-candidates meeting following nominations closing on Sept. 13. 

At the time of publication, SGPS elections staff confirmed there was student interest in the position, with some students actively aiming to be nominated in the race. 

The campaign period for the election is scheduled to start at 12 a.m. on Sept. 14, followed by an all-candidates debate two days later. 

After the end of the campaign period on Sept. 19, polling of all graduate and professional students is slated to take place on Sept. 20 and 21. 

In a statement to The Journal, SGPS President Beth Langdon emphasized the importance of the position: the Graduate Student Trustee is one of only three students who sit on the Board of Trustees, along with the Rector and Undergraduate Trustee. 

“Every other member of the Board of Trustees represents university staff, faculty, and alumni,” Langdon said. “The SPGS President attends the open board sessions, but is not a board member with voting power, so the Graduate Student Trustee is an important role.”

Langdon said the Graduate Trustee is uniquely tasked with communicating the graduate and professional school perspective, unlike other trustees, who sit on the board due to professional and financial knowledge. 

The Graduate Trustee also sits on various sub-committees of the Board of Trustees.

The new Graduate Trustee will fill in for Ali Saghari, Law ’22, who graduated from law school earlier this year.


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