High hopes for QHOchella fundraiser

Queen’s Health Outreach (QHO) to host musical night at Clark

Not only will QHOchella provide quality musical entertainment, but the proceeds are going to a valuable campus cause.

The event, presented by Queen’s Health Outreach (QHO), is a night of musical acts performing for audiences at Clark Hall Pub on Tuesday.

It’s a young occasion — going onto its second year — but last year it proved to be a helpful yet fun show for all of those involved, according to QHO Co-Director Emily Borgundvaag.

QHOchella will consist of performances by artists North of Lawrence, a pop- to acoustic-music cover band; Joseph Kotze and the Spirit Animals, also a cover band; The Attic Kids, who play indie rock; and R&B artist theO.

QHO is a student-registered charity dedicated to promoting health through spaces in schools in Kingston, Canada and internationally.

The organization teaches a variety of health material to school students, from puberty, to substance abuse, to healthy sexual relationships and to nutritional needs on campus, according to Borgundvaag.

QHOchella is one of the monthly fundraisers the organization holds.

“We have a lot of members that are really into music, and when we get together there’s a lot of jams and we’ll bring out guitars,” said Borgundvaag, MSc ’16. “It’s something special to us so at the fundraiser we’ll get to show it to everybody.”

The event is a part of International Development Week at Queen’s, a week dedicated to celebrate developmental efforts both at home and abroad.

“We’re partnering with International Development Week — it was a really important part of our planning process,” Borgundvaag said. “They helped us with advertising, and they made it so that we’d still get the proceeds.”

The event’s success last year prompted QHO to host QHOchella again this year, and if it works similarly this time around, it’ll be a recurring event.

The directors weren’t able to confirm the amount fundraised last year and the exact goal for this year, but they believe the event will be extremely successful.

“It was really great last year — we had three bands and it’s always a bit of a gamble with events,” Borgundvaag said. “We had a pretty good turnout because of the bands that we had. We’ll have it again next year if it’s a success this year.”

Although the main premise of the event is to raise money for the charity, it’s also a form of bonding for the members, she added.

“On top of the very obvious raising money and bringing a great show to Queen’s, it’s important that we bond before we leave,” she said.

“Hopefully just getting our name out there, maybe people will be interested in joining and learning more about development.”

QHOchella is at Clark Hall Pub on Feb. 3 from 9 p.m. – 1 a.m. Tickets are $5, and all proceeds go to QHO.


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