Hockey survives in the streets

Tournaments overcome scheduling conflicts, strive to establish campus presence

Over 150 players participated in the AMS and Cure Cancer Classic tournaments last weekend.
Image by: Alex Choi
Over 150 players participated in the AMS and Cure Cancer Classic tournaments last weekend.

Lovers of Canada’s game hit Queen’s campus roads in droves this weekend.

On Saturday, an AMS-led road hockey tournament sought to build town-gown relations, while another, unrelated tournament raised money for cancer.

The former experienced community backlash in September, before it even began. The event, which spans across two weekends, had its playoffs scheduled to occur in downtown Market Square on Oct. 20 — the same time the farmer’s market is normally scheduled.

Vendors vocalized concerns regarding the rumoured location of the tournament and the venue was duly changed.

Instead of Market Square, the tournament will complete its playoff rounds in front of City Hall, forcing a road blockage of Ontario St. between Brock and Clarence Streets.

The City of Kingston’s Director of Recreation & Leisure Services, Wally Ferris, said the decision was never officially announced or finalized, but it was under consideration.

He said the Kingston Public Market Vendors Association received notice of the idea before decisions were reached.

“Ideally we could’ve communicated with them first, but a piece of communication was sent out too soon,” Ferris said. “It’s a busy time for [the market] too; produce is in full swing.”

Claire Casher, AMS campus activities commissioner, said the issue was fully resolved by the city.

“We’re right beside [the Market Square], and we get to play on an actual road now,” she said.

The next obstacle for the tournament was equally short-lived. An entirely separate tournament took place Saturday, led by the Cure Cancer Classic (CCC) — a student-run Commerce initiative that runs hockey-related events throughout the year in support of cancer research.

“We couldn’t avoid [the conflict] and neither could they,” Casher said. “We’ve been planning this for months now.”

With 15 to 16 teams each, neither tournament suffered.

Held on the Tindall Field parking lot, the CCC allocated $800 as a fundraiser starting point.

This was the second annual CCC road hockey tournament — part of the committee’s efforts to improve their fundraising efforts for the Canadian Cancer Society.

“Fifteen teams, 75 guys total, everyone’s guaranteed four hockey games and all the money goes towards the Cancer Society,” said Chase Heinemann, the CCC’s public relations manager.

The road hockey crowd at Tindall was treated to an All-Star game after the round robin, where a selection of men’s hockey varsity players took on a selection of skilled players from the tournament.

Gaels captain Corey Bureau, four other veteran players and goaltender Ryan Kaszuba all suited up on Saturday.

The CCC planned the tournament’s end with a social, which got rained out.

“At the end of it all, it’s about a $1,500 day,” Heinemann said. “The ultimate donation at the end of the year, after all the events … we’re aiming for a $10,000 donation, up from $6,800 last year.”


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