How to bring summer to Queen’s

Extend your vacation with these tips

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Breakwater Park.

Just because your time away from school is over, and the weather is getting cooler, doesn’t mean you should let the fall blues kick in.

Here are four ways for you to keep living out your summer vibes while gearing up for the school year.

Keep wearing your summer clothes

While the four month break from school is over, summer technically lasts until Sept. 21. Considering the heat waves Ontario recently endured, it’s fair to assume the hot weather will extend at least a few weeks into school.

Wearing your summer clothes is a great way to keep that last little bit of summer fun as you while sitting through lectures. Plus—unpopular opinion here—summer fashion is cuter than fall fashion.

Go to the pier

After more than a year of being unavailable to the public due to renovations, the pier is back and better than ever.

Renamed after the late Gord Downie and located on King Street, the pier is a great place to tan on the beach, swim with friends, and have a drink.

Whether you want to catch a few more rays of sun while you can or have a nice place to hang out with your friends, the pier is the ultimate Queen’s version of a relaxing beach vacation.

Kingston PoutineFest (Sept. 21– Sept. 23)

This is a weekend full of fries, gravy, and random toppings.

Taking place in City Park, this poutine-heavy event will be reminiscent of all the Snapchat stories of greasy food your friends posted from music festivals. A few weeks into classes, this feast will be the perfect break from all of your responsibilities, and an ideal way to hang out with your new Queen’s friends.

Visit the Kingston public market

If you’ve never been to the Kingston public market, you’re seriously missing out.

Located in Springer Market Square, downtown near City Hall, this market is open Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday and is the best place to find random items you never thought you needed.

Though it’s probably not the best place to shop if you actually need something, the market is a great spot where you can walk around, admire cool and antique products, buy some local fruits and vegetables, and socialize with the vendors. The market does close for the winter and turns into a public skating rink—you’ll definitely want to drop by while you still can.


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