How to take a good spicy pic

Nudes, when safe, can be fun and empowering

Sexy pictures can be empowering and thrilling when done right.  

My first time sending a nude was in eighth grade. I was wearing a bright pink Nike full coverage sports bra. I held up my iPad and took a Snapchat of myself making a duck face. I sent scandalous pictures far before I understood the risk factors, knew what I wanted to send, or how to communicate and ask for what I wanted to receive in return.

I also remember receiving my first unsolicited nude. It was violating, gross, and couldn’t have been more of a turn-off. Talk to your partner before sending scandalous pictures, and gauge both of your comfort levels to make sure the raunchy process remains consensual and safe.

While nudes are often incredibly taboo and sometimes seen as problematic, if you send and receive them in a safe and healthy way with a respectful recipient, they can be a fun way to express your sexuality.

Most importantly, sending and receiving salacious pictures should be practiced between enthusiastic, consenting adults.

For folks in long-distance relationships, they’re a fabulous gift and can help keep the spark alive. Here are some tips and tricks to taking a steamy, scandalous picture.

Take advantage of your mirror

A mirror can make all the difference in your nudes. You can catch the perfect angles and side profiles—and, let’s be honest, the best booty pics.

The act of sending nudes is equally as much for you as it is for your partner. So, a mirror can be a great way to remind yourself of how sexy and empowered you are while also getting those good angles. 

There’s nothing like a perfectly angled, knee-popped mirror selfie to keep the tensions high.

Bend the knees, honey. Bend the knees.

Put effort into lighting

Take advantage of stand-alone lights, like string lights and lamps, to use alongside your overhead light.

By combining these light sources, you’ll be able to catch different angles and achieve that steamy, dim, romantic lighting while still being able to see the photo. 

Never use flash. It washes you out, makes your hair and skin look greasy, and makes your eyes red. The softer the lighting, the better.

Focus on your own sexuality

How much of your body you’re sending should be a conversation you and your partner have before you decide to send scandalous pictures, and it should never exceed your personal comfort. 

It’s most important you capture the parts of your body that make you feel sexiest and most confident.

A teasing, seductive photo can sometimes be more effective than a full-blown, completely exposed nude. Leaving some for the imagination can allow for both you and your partner to play into fantasies and have fun sexting.

Nudes don’t need to be seriously erotic, austere polaroid photos—they can be funny and playful.

Throw on your favourite lingerie, play some music, light some candles, and don’t be afraid to get freaky with it.


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