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Seven essentials to pack away for a sleepover

Image by: Emma Sewell
Some mornings are rougher than others.

The morning after is often a sensitive time for a woman. It can be hard enough to look your best when you wake up in your own home, where you have everything you need. But if you’re waking up somewhere else, there are a few essentials that you can pack away in your purse, so you’ll look and feel beautiful in the morning. Do what you must to appear flawless, just like Annie from Bridesmaids. 



Morning breath? Mints have got you covered. So now you have minty breath, a new friend (probably) and you didn’t even have to brush your teeth.

Hair elastic

Never go anywhere without one of these. You can easily turn the nest on top of your head into a fashionable half bun in less than a minute. 

A small tube of Vaseline

This sounds disgusting but Vaseline is the cheapest and most versatile beauty product. It instantly adds volume/length to eyelashes, you can use it to tame eyebrows and remove smudged eye makeup. A tiny, travel tube of it will easily fit in a coat pocket.

Tinted moisturizer

This is pretty self-explanatory: not only does it moisturize your skin but it also covers up blemishes and gives you a morning glow. 

A “detox” eye roller

You roll this under your eye and suddenly you look like you got a solid eight hours. Might consider using this every day, especially during exam time when sleep is an afterthought. 


While you might not be able to tote this around in a small purse, deodorant can be a lifesaver. You can probably find some wherever you’re waking up. He’ll never know that you used it. 

More importantly, you’ll smell like a mountain stream instead of whatever you smelled like before.

Baby powder

Baby powder is the poor man’s (or woman’s) dry shampoo. It works to add volume and soak up any grease. Just rub it into your scalp. Do it properly though, or you’ll look like you have really fine dandruff.

All jokes aside, the only thing that will truly save you the morning after isn’t a product you can buy or find in anyone’s medicine cabinet. 

Confidence is key. If you want to appear cool and casual, all you have to do is act cool and casual. Of course you meant to sleep here. Messy buns are in style. Your breath smells like that naturally. And you’re running out the door because you obviously have somewhere important to be. 


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