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Toronto rock and roll band talks about the perils of touring

Guitarist C.C. Diemond says having run-ins with the police is all a part of the touring lifestyle for the band.
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Guitarist C.C. Diemond says having run-ins with the police is all a part of the touring lifestyle for the band.

Guitarist C.C. Diemond likes to think his band claimed the original “Party Rock Anthem.”

“We like to think we had coined the term ‘Party Rock Anthem’ before that LMFAO whatever did,” he said. “We shotgun beers and have a good time, there’s nothing else to describe it.”

Sometimes the band’s antics while on stage can cause them unnecessary problems though, including ones with the police.

“They saw our performance and we do drink on stage and do shotgunning, so they might have assumed it would be an easy catch to get some extra tickets to fill their quota for the month,” he said.

Diemond said that particular instance with the police wasn’t a singular one.

“While you’re touring, there’s the flat tires and the arguments with the guys who rip you off or the police,” he said. “We actually got pulled over the other night in Hamilton.”

Diemond, who’s one fifth of Toronto band Diemonds, is currently taking a break from their current tour due to problems with a promoter.

“We get to spend the night at home, which is a nice little break. It’s a mixed blessing though, because we never like to cancel a performance,” he said.

With the cancellation of one show comes a missed opportunity for the band to bring their brand of party to the stage.

“We’re loud, we’re fast, we’re heavy and we put on an over-the-top stage show. We’re all drenched in sweat and at the break of falling over because it’s a giant party,” he said.

Even the band’s songs are about not taking the moments of life for granted.

“We have a song called ‘Livin’ Tonight,’ which is about living every day like it’s your last … It’s our unofficial motto we live by because it’s what we do every night.”

The band likes to invite people onstage during the song to join them in the “party of heavy metal proportions.” “We get the audience to participate and invite them on stage, usually it’s a pretty girl because everyone likes pretty girls,” Diemond said.

But despite their hard-rock image, you’ll find members of the band referring back to 90s top 40.

“This band has some interesting musical traits — on occasions, we’ll all have sing-alongs to the Backstreet Boys or Hanson.”

Diemonds plays the Mansion tomorrow night at 10 p.m.

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