Incoming AMS executive discusses Special Assembly experience, moving forward

Team MLM sat down with The Journal this week for a comprehensive post-appointment interview

Team MLM after being appointed at the Feb. 1 Special Assembly.

After being appointed in an unprecedented seven-hour-long Special Assembly, next year’s AMS executive-elect have begun their three-month transition period leading up to May 1. Team MLM sat down with The Journal to talk about their experiences and what comes next. 

Team MLM is comprised of President-elect Miguel Martinez, Vice-President-elect (University Affairs) Munro Watters and Vice-President-elect (Operations) Liam Tharp. 

Martinez said the 24 hours leading up to the Special Assembly were focused on preparation. “Even at that time, our team hadn’t fully come together so it was a lot of learning about each other and how to work together,” he said. 

“All the preparation leading up to the Assembly was so much in one day. Talking to people, getting insight and getting support from various different people. The assembly itself, it was a bit nerve-racking for me I would say,” he said. 

Watters called the Special Assembly “easily the scariest thing I have every done in my life, but also the coolest.”

“I realize now that not a lot of people recognized the fact that we were put in a holding room together and it was really fun, being able to interact with ACS and TMZ outside of that environment,” Watters said.  “That was a fun dynamic which helped ease the tension at 2 a.m.”

Martinez said following the Special Assembly, the team “took the weekend” to process what happened and “take a step back.” “It’s a lot to take in,” Martinez said.

When asked why Team MLM was only team not to meet with current AMS President Jennifer Li before the assembly, Watters explained “because of our involvement with other campaigns during that time, it was not until less than 24 hours before that we came together as a team.”

“Since we were confident in our prior knowledge of the positions and due to the limited time that was available to us, we decided that it would be best to solidify our team dynamic and prepare for the Special Assembly,” she continued.

When asked about his experience at the Special Assembly, Tharp raised the issue of transparency. During the meeting, Sci ’18 Representative Ryan Cattrysse pushed back on the proposed secret ballot and the ban on electronics throughout the proceedings.

“I really did appreciate Ryan Cattryse’s comments at the beginning. A lot of people thought he was talking too much, but I really appreciated that he did want to make it as transparent as possible,” he said. “He wanted to make sure everyone was held accountable.”

Martinez added “it was very important for Ryan Cattrysse to stand up and challenge the process and challenge the fact that it was going to be a secret ballot.”

When asked about Team MLM’s next steps, Martinez said, “this past week has been focusing on pushing out hiring. Round one hiring is this weekend, so a lot of people who want to apply for student positions have been reaching out and it has been focusing on hiring,” he said. “After round one hiring, we’re going to get more into specific portfolios for transitioning.”



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