Incoming CESA exec wins with 97 per cent

Elected team wants to increase interaction with other faculties through events like Beer with Profs

Team PACt hopes to strengthen the bond with faculty.
Image by: Corey Lablans
Team PACt hopes to strengthen the bond with faculty.

Team PACt won a 97 per cent vote of confidence in the Concurrent Education Student Association executive election.

The team, consisting of incoming president Philip Lloyd, incoming internal vice-president Catherine Franey and incoming external vice-president Ariel Fan, heard of the results while having a quiet dinner at Fanatics with close friends and campaign supporters.

“We’re really, really happy,” said Franey and Fan in sync after hearing the news.

Lloyd said he’s looking forward to his first steps as CESA president by hiring the appointed positions on the council.

“These appointed, unpaid positions include community affairs co-ordinator, socials co-ordinator, those need to be done in a few weeks,” Lloyd, ConEd ’13, said. “That will probably be one of our first official acts.”

Looking towards their terms, the team said they’re excited to begin working on the initiatives outlined in their platform.

“I’m really excited about trying to strengthen the bond with faculty, especially events like Beer with Profs,” Franey, ConEd ’13, said. “We’ve never done that before.”

Despite the win, Lloyd said they want to work with the incumbent executive to ensure current initiatives will be carried through.

“We’re looking forward to working with them over the next few months [to] ensure a smooth transition into our year,” Lloyd said.

To encourage students to vote, the team focused on using social media, class presentations and an all-candidates question forum.

“Everyone who was running for a position could come together, and each of us had our opening statements,” Lloyd said. “People could ask questions about out platforms.”

Lloyd also said the faculty’s increasing student population means the CESA executive team needs to adjust its goals and initiatives accordingly.

“I think that in ConEd, there are a lot of opportunities to grow and improve, and we are really excited to work with the people that we have in our community,” he said.


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