Indie-alternative tracks you didn’t know existed

Breaking barriers around bops

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A few indie-alternative tracks to add to your playlist.

Alternative tracks are no longer confined to the grungy rock sounds they once were.

Whether as a result of contemporary artists’ disinterest in conforming to traditional genres, or because indie sounds have grown to show more promise among Apple Music and Spotify users alike, the two genre’s individual popularity has evolved into the indie-alternative masterpiece it is now.

Regardless of its evolution, the indie-alternative genre exists, and it deserves much more attention than it receives.

Here’s a list of hidden gems filled with good vibes to add to your playlist:

“Liz” by Remi Wolfe

“Liz” is the perfect balance of alternative energy and indie sweetness.

Remi’s powerhouse vocals are accompanied by electronic sounds mimicking an electric guitar, paired with a strong bass that holds the steady groove of the music. The song is melodic, angst-free, and holds soul sounds.

Wolfe swoons over a girl named “Liz” in her lyrics—a girl who was there for her and “taught her how to live,” when Wolfe felt lonely and disconnected. After hearing this song, there’s no doubt you’ll be swooning over Wolfe’s voice as well.

“pinch me” by young friend

While scrolling through radio channels, I heard a fleeting moment of “pinch me” by young friend. That moment was enough for me to stay on the channel and turn the volume up.

The song’s lyrics describe someone who wishes to go back to a happier period of their life. Artist young friend writes: “On my own, so alone / I can’t tell if this is real / someone pinch me, wake up / someone tell me to get up.”

Despite the sad lyrics addressing young friend missing the life he wants to go back to, the energy of the song is surprisingly upbeat. The song offers a melodic guitar, and the high-energy production brings life back to the track despite the downhearted lyrics.

“The Idea of You” by Grady and lovelytheband

“The Idea of You” conforms to more traditional indie-alternative conventions. While I don’t often agree with the way Apple Music categorizes songs, I think this song meets the indie-alternative categorization it was placed in.

Positive lyrics paired with an effervescent backtrack and instrumental composition make up this track’s good vibes.

“Tieduprightnow” by Parcels

This guitar-driven melody will have you swaying in your seat listening to it.

Parcels’ gentle, calming vocals aren’t often heard in alternative songs. Though the vocals may not match the usual voice of indie-alternative music, the instrumental track meets the rhythmic characteristic of indie music.

The eclectic sounds are danceable and enthusiastic without falling into a pop genre.

Tieduprightnow toes the line of what it means to be an indie-alternative track and it makes me love it more.

“Something to Believe In” by Young the Giant

Young the Giant offers an alternative-based song in their hit “Something to Believe In.”

This song borders on indie-rock with unorthodox vocals, a driving guitar, and a loud drum performance controlling the track. Strong backing vocals play throughout the tune, keeping your attention fixated on the song.

The lyrics are darker, but strong and conform to an alternative genre. The production is clean and provides cheerful beats like the indie genre.

Overall, “Something to Believe In” will have listeners wanting to dance and sing along to the cheery tune.

“I Would Do Anything for You” by Foster the People

I would do anything to listen to “I Would Do Anything for You” live.

The heartfelt lyrics of “I Would Do Anything for You” explore love, dedication, and pure obsession with a significant other. The lyrics hold an upbeat tune while maintaining Foster the People’s traditional alternative sound, thanks to lead singer Mark Derek Foster’s vocal track.

The song has positive synth sounds complimented by loving lyrics. What’s not to like?


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