‘It was unreal’: Ethan Miedema selected in NHL Draft

Miedema selected in the NHL Draft

The Leon's Centre in the home of the Frontenacs.

Hockey players each year dream of making it to the big leagues. This year, Ethan Miedema was one of the successful few when the Frontenacs’ forward and Ontario-native was selected 109th overall by the Buffalo Sabres in the 2023 NHL Selection Draft.

At 6’4” and weighing in at just over 200lbs, Miedema’s hockey IQ and dedication to becoming a well-rounded player has been something reporters have talked about.

Miedema joined the Frontenacs mid-way through last season when the Windsor Spitfires traded him for Shane Wright. Between the Frontenacs and the Spitfires, Miedema posted 52 points in 68 games in the 2022-23 season.

“I’m still really happy to be in Kingston as a Frontenac and looking forward to the upcoming season,” Miedema said in an interview with The Journal.

“The coaches care a lot and really want us to do well individually and as a group. When you combine coaches who care and all the extra stuff you do, it puts you in a position to be successful.”

Finding the success that many hockey players work so hard to have, Miedema described hearing his name called in the draft as “unreal.”

“It’s something you dream of as a kid,” he said. “To hear your name called, that’s something that you
get chills about…It’s a dream come true for not only myself, but everyone who’s supported me.”

Originally from Cobourg, ON, Buffalo is one of the closest cities to home for Miedema.

“I lucked out with that,” he said. “I literally drove to development camp, whereas a lot of guys got to fly across the country or fly through another state or province.”

Having recently attended development camp for the Sabres, Miedema recounted what a typical day with them looked like.

“The way they treat us is top notch,” he said. “The NHL’s the real deal.”

Miedema said practicing on NHL ice was a particularly heartfelt moment for him.

“I know it’s only a practice jersey, but wearing that jersey for the first time—like I said earlier about getting drafted—you get chills.”

“[It’s] something you dream about as a kid, wearing an NHL jersey for real, not just one of someone you look up to,” he said. “It’s your own jersey and this might sound pretty cliché, but it’s truly one of the best feelings in the world.”


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