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A workout set that’s sure to grow your glutes

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These exercises are necessary to reach your glute goals.

With various influencers and stars like Kim Kardashian posting their curvaceous figures on social media platforms—with the spotlight squarely focused on their round backsides—it’s no surprise women everywhere want to grow their glutes.

If your goal this year is to get a bigger butt—by going to the gym rather than the plastic surgeon—then this is the perfect workout set for you!

*Note: Each workout entails four sets of 12 reps.

Drop it like it’s hot

Squats (with a barbell weight or DB) are a staple piece for every glute workout. Starting your set with squats not only works on your glute growth and strength, but activates your core, hamstrings, and quads. This workout will kickstart your set and will prioritize growing your glutes.

Like any other exercise, squats are most effective in seeing progress when you push yourself in weights. So, head toward the squat racks, grab a friend to spot you, and add five more pounds to whatever weights you think you can do!

Be cognizant of how much is realistic to push yourself so you aren’t racking up a weight that will get you injured. My recommendation is to do a couple reps of just the bar (without weights) to make sure you have the correct form before beginning your workout.


Romanian deadlifts are a personal favourite of mine. This exercise targets your glutes, hamstrings, and lower back.

Grab a barbell, or two evenly distributed DB weights. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, with a slight bend in the knees. Hold the barbell or dumbbell in your hands, slowly push your hips back as you guide the weight down from your thighs and down your shins. Your back should be a flat surface rather than curved to prevent injury and target the glutes and hamstrings.

Focus on moving the barbell against your shin all the way down. Once the barbell gets midway down your shin, bring your hips back to neutral position and stand up with the barbell slowly. Do not lock your knees—keep them slightly bent the whole time.

Thrust me, this will grow your glutes!

If you’re on the gym influencers side of TikTok, hip thrusts shouldn’t be too shocking to see on this list. Hip thrusts aid in glute growth and will be a great addition to this workout set.

I recommend having a barbell pad for this exercise, so the bar doesn’t hurt your hips. If you don’t have a barbell pad, using a mat and folding it under the bar can help as well.

While you’re still at the squat rack, grab the barbell, load it up, and sit on the ground. The barbell should be parallel to the ground, in line with your hips. Your back should be against the bench, and your feet should be planted flat on the ground, so your knees are pointed to the ceiling.

While holding the barbell and with your upper back in contact with the bench, lift your hips off the ground. Your body should look like a flat surface when you bring your hips up. Repeat this movement, bringing the weight to the ground and then again, bringing your hips up toward the ceiling.

Pain (the good kind)

Bulgarian split squats are essential for reaching your glute goals, but come at the cost of immense soreness if you don’t stretch out after the workout. The process of split squats is difficult and painful but worth it in the end! Not only will you begin to see progress in your glute growth overtime, but you’ll feel proud and accomplished each time you finish this set.

These take a lot out of your legs and glutes, so I’d recommend this as your last workout of the set.

Think of split squats as lunges, but rather than keeping your back foot on the ground, you’ll elevate it onto a bench. The bench should be about 2 feet away from you. It might take a couple minutes to figure out how far your front foot should be to comfortably bend your front leg while remaining balanced. However, once you find that perfect distance, the exercise will be great.

Holding a comfortable weight on either side of your body will really push your muscles to grow; however, if you’re new to this exercise, you may want to start with bodyweight only.


Overtime, if you’re consistent with each of these exercises, there’s no doubt you’ll start to see a Kim K figure forming—minus the touch of cosmetic surgery, of course.


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