JDUC should be rodent-free

Several weeks ago, the P&CC lost a $33,000 printer after rats chewed through the drink lines in the QP and pop leaked through the floor into the P&CC.

AMS Student Centre and Clubs Co-ordinator Stephen Chow said the rats were first seen in the QP, the SGPS offices and the Common Ground a year ago, and likely came from the houses that were demolished to make room for the Queen’s Centre.

The rats began causing problems in August and the JDUC was closed for a few days in the summer for rat poison to be spread throughout the building to deal with the problem.

Although it’s encouraging that the AMS is being upfront about the issue, students should be given more information on how it’s being handled.

JDUC management should reveal where the poison is being placed and whether there’s a danger it will contaminate something students come into contact with.

The AMS food services should also reveal how health inspections are conducted so students are assured they meet the province’s standards.

Although the JDUC is an old building prone to maintenance concerns, it’s possible the rats only came from the demolished houses on Earl Street; if this is the case, JDUC management needs to work to make the building rat-free again.

The JDUC houses many food services as well as graduate residences and it’s important they’re maintained to clean and healthy standards.

Students also shouldn’t have to worry about paying for damages caused by rats.

AMS services are being asked to keep doors closed and ensure their garbage is properly disposed of in order to prevent further damage and contamination. The AMS needs to heavily enforce these measures among its employees.

If the rats came from the demolished houses, the AMS should also help look more deeply into health standards for student housing to ensure landlords are treating their tenants with respect.

Students should be able to expect a healthy environment both on and off campus, and rodents aren’t part of that.

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