Journal staff first kiss stories

From super cute to downright awkward

Whether it was with your dream crush in a perfect location or the most awkward encounter at a middle school party, first kiss stories are always great to look back on and laugh about. 

These are the stories of some of The Journal staff’s first kisses that they’re willing to share with 

the world.

My first kiss was around the end of grade seven. A couple things to get out of the way: I had green braces and my girlfriend Emma was basically dating me as a joke. We met near one of the side stairwells at my middle school one day while the most vicious preteens egged us on. My friends pushed me toward Emma and, still not clear on the concept of human interaction, I went in for an open-mouth kiss, braces and all. Emma and I don’t talk.

—Nick Pearce, Arts Editor

My first kiss was in the sixth grade. My friend Ryan and I were talking about a movie where two people kissed and neither of us understood the hype. So, as two curious 11 year olds do, we decided to investigate and kissed each other. When it was over, we both agreed we still didn’t really get it. But I’m happy to report I get it now.

—Sarina Grewal, Assistant, News Editor

Me and this girl from Texas went on a geography trip to Niagara Falls in the first few weeks of high school, and later that week I asked her out. The first time we kissed was on a bench and she used so much teeth, she bit my tongue so hard and we ended up breaking up about a week later. 

—Max Silverberg, Video Editor

I was at Jewish overnight camp and there was this one girl there. We had both just finished grade nine, and she was into me, so on the first day we started hooking up. But no one really liked her, so I just completely lied to everyone about it. 

—Sebastian Bron, Sports Editor

My first kiss was with a boy from my middle school. We both had braces and we were watching Zombieland in his basement. When it happened, I was very unprepared and now associate the moment with Jesse Eisenberg screaming. No one ever told me you have to close your eyes either, so they were wide open for the entire eight seconds. Yes, I counted. The end.

—Ashley Rhamey, Editorials Editor

In grade seven all my girl friends were busy one recess, so I went to the park with the boys in our grade. One of the guys there pulled me in for a hug and, as I was letting go, he caught me off guard and kissed me. I turned red because my cousin was there to see the whole thing. My first kiss announced “Dude, I just kissed your cousin!” which was just awkward and unnecessary.

—Maureen O’Reilly, News Editor

Grade six had just ended and this girl who started at our school that year told me she loved me. I didn’t really know how to process that so we started dating. We were hanging out in my room waiting for my mom to drive us to see Jaden Smith’s The Karate Kid when I somehow accidentally tripped her. I felt bad so I kissed her really quickly and then laughed. We stayed together for two years after that, which is just WAY too long to date in middle school.

—Josh Granovsky, Assistant Lifestyle Editor

When I was 12 I had a crush on this boy in the grade below me. One recess, I had rejected him when people were chanting for us to kiss on the tire swing so I took him to a private spot and kissed him. The kiss itself wasn’t bad but I don’t think we talked again for a year. 

—Shivani Gonzalez, Lifestyle Editor

I was a late bloomer. My first kiss was in high school and was very cliché. Late after school one day, one of my close friends wanted to show me his “secret spot” and took me to the elementary school behind our high school. We climbed onto the roof and watched the stars. It started raining after a while and next thing I knew, he grabbed me and kissed me. Now he goes to Queen’s. Guess who!

—Justice King, Production Manager

We had just come back from a dinner date and I brought her upstairs to show her the chickens my family raised. I figured it would be endearing. We went for a walk after at a nearby park and ended up at the local playground. We talked for a few minutes before she went in for the kiss. It was fantastic, but I’m still not sure if it happened because she thought I was cute or because she thought the chickens were. 

—Matt Scace, Assistant Sports Editor


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