KMV wins contested AMS executive election

Election sees a 17 per cent voter turnout

Image by: Herbert Wang
Team KMV celebrates the win right after receiving news of victory.

AMS executive elections concluded on the night of Feb. 7, with polls closing at 9 p.m. and results being announced shortly thereafter. 

Team KMV—President-elect Kate McCuaig, Art Sci ’23, Vice-President (Operations)-elect Michelle Hudson, ArtSci ’23, and Vice-President (University Affairs)-elect Victoria Mills, ArtSci ’23—prevailed over team TBD. 

Of the total 3,413 voters, 1557 voted for KMV, 779 voted for TBD, 509 voted for ‘none of the above,’ and 568 abstained.

For the uncontested undergraduate trustee election, Reem Al-Rawi, HealthSci ’24, won in a vote of confidence. There were 2270 ‘yes’ votes, 239 ‘no’ votes, and 904 abstentions.

There was a 17 per cent voter turnout this election, an increase compared to last year’s turnout of 11.5 per cent.  

Outgoing AMS executive team ETC visited KMV headquarters at 10:03 p.m. to congratulate the successful team, in keeping with pre-COVID-19 traditions. 

“Coming into this role, transitioning over with everything going on, and listening to the people right away is so important,” McCuaig said to The Journal after KMV’s win. 

Mills said she’s exceptionally grateful for everyone who supported the team in their election process. Hudson echoed feeling of supported.

“We couldn’t have done it without them [KMV’s campaign team],” Hudson said. 

The team didn’t go into the evening with preconceived notions, and they were hoping for the best. KMV said they were excited, elated, and optimistic for the year to come. 

Around 9:55 p.m., Thomas Crawford, TBD’s presidential candidate, received a call from the AMS Secretariat letting the team know they were unsuccessful in their quest to run the AMS. 

Upon receiving the results, team TBD and their group of friends reflected on their journey and the pride they shared working on the campaign together. 

“I’m happy to run; I learned a lot of things about the AMS, about the school. There’s a lot of work that still needs to be done. I’m confident in KMV, and they’ll bring change,” Crawford said. 

Friends of TBD watch in anticipation as Thomas Crawford hears the election result. Photo: Curtis Heinzl

Outgoing executive team ETC reflected on their term and shared their thoughts on KMV’s win.

Vice-President (University Affairs) Callum Robertson said he’s excited about the transition process, and to share the knowledge. 

“I’m looking forward to being on campus next year to see what they do next year,” he said. 

Eric Sikich said he’s looking forward to the work that will be done next year. 

Current executives said their work is continuing, and they’re looking forward to initiatives on campus coming to fruition. Vice-President (Operations) Tina Hu said she’s most excited for the “take one leave one campaign,” which started during the 2019-20 tenure of team AJW.   

In closing, Hu said to always show up for oneself, and one’s team, every day.

With files from Aimée Look, Skylar Soroka, Sophia Coppolino, Curtis Heinzl, and Herbert Wang


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