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How hacky sack contributes to a harmonious sound

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Kasador on set for their "Neighborhood" music video.

On Wednesday, Kingston crew Kasador brought the heat to the Grad Club. 

Despite the interruption of a fire alarm, fans and friends were in the crowd, dancing and singing along to the band’s latest singles. 

“We want people to have a good time at the show and party,” Boris Baker, bassist in Kasador told [The Journal].

“I think that it’s largely influenced by starting out at Queen’s and playing events on the weekend. Getting your friends to come and have a good time.”

Kasador, formerly known as Will Hunter Band, started their music career in the basement of Mac-Brown gym at the beginning of their time at Queen’s and have been playing for the local crowds ever since.   

After three years of changing the lineup and developing their sound, Kasador has found a solid formula and released a new EP Sept. 13.

The current lineup consists of Will Hunter, ArtSci ’14, on vocals and lead guitar, Cam Wyatt, ArtSci ’15, on guitar and vocals, Boris Baker, MA ’16, on bass, Nick Babcock on keys, synth and vocals, and Angus Fay on drums. 

For their third year in a row, Kasador played to a Frosh Week crowd with a non-stop, sweaty and dance-filled set at the Grad Club.

“It’s Frosh Week at Queen’s. There’s no bad time to be had,” Baker said, a statement that rang true even with the fire alarm interruption and the thunderstorm outside. 

Kasador spent their summer playing throughout Ontario and Quebec, as well as down in New York for a Canada Day show featuring Whitehorse and Wintersleep. While the band has toured and played multiple venues, the members explained they still face some nerves when returning to Kingston.

“I find I get way more nervous playing in Kingston. It’s difficult to play in front of your friends and people you know” Baker said. 

“It takes a lot of pressure off when you don’t know anyone in the crowd. You’re being your performer self instead of what your friends and family see,” Hunter, guitarist and vocals, added. 

However, Hunter said he’s rarely nervous anymore because the band has “gotten way more comfortable together as a group”.

“You know how everyone acts and you trust everyone,” Hunter said. “It is nervous though in the way that you want to do the best — so hacky sack is the answer”.

With small tours and performances happening all throughout the year, the band has found a way to combat any nerves that might make an appearance.

“We’re working together as a band to get really good at hacky sack.” Hunter said. 

“It helps take your mind off of what’s coming,” Baker added. 

Not only has it provided a way to calm their nerves, but it has also provided the group with a good source of light-hearted banter — an argument over who’s the best broke out during the interview. 

Kasador’s lineup has changed over the past few years, however the formula they have now seems to be its best. The group of guys have found friendship as well as musical cohesion, and the important ability to find comedy in some tight situations. 

“I joined the band just over a year ago,” keyboardist Babcock said. “My first show was supposed to be at Canadian Music Week in Toronto. The guys were going to meet us in Toronto, but Boris hopped on the wrong train and started going towards Ottawa. It turned into an acoustic set.” Even missing one of their bandmates, Kasador was able to get positive responses.

“At the show, there was a member of the Sheepdogs and he came up to us after and was like ‘I really enjoyed the sound’, and I was so frustrated with everything that I just went ‘THAT’S NOT THE SOUND,’” Hunter said, with a laugh. 

Earlier this week, the band released a new self-titled EP entitled that highlights their love and talent for indie rock with a fun, electronic and high-energy dance sound — showcasing the eclectic mix that the band creates through their diverse personalities. 

In the coming years, the band hopes to perfect their hacky sack skills, travel the world and get a professional crew behind them. 


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