Letter to Editor: September 8

Dear Editor,

Here is something of interest. Having recently broken 2 ribs, I was sent to a pain clinic. Having recently broken 2 ribs, I was sent to a pain clinic. Three Doctors attended to me, but only one was licensed in Ontario, and paid as such. One of the three, had a lengthy conversation with me about his work. He was born in Canada, received his license in the U.K. and worked as a physician abroad for 12 years. He cannot practice in Canada without an internship, even though he passed the written exam. There are no internships available. He is working at minimum wage, in 3 clinics, $17 hr. because he has a mortgage of $3000 a month. He is now seeking an internship in the U.S.A. What is going on? This just can’t be right that a qualified candidate for a Doctor is earning the same wages as a Tim Hortons employee. There are no shortages of Doctors in Canada. Why are the hospitals shutting their doors to these people?


Mary Unrau

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