Letter to the Editor: Affordable Home Internet Provider for Graduate Students Living in Kingston

Dear Editors,

Graduate students are the academic backbone, devoting their time and energy to the advancement of knowledge and research. Despite this, their living conditions are frequently overlooked, leaving them vulnerable to economic uncertainty. This article sheds light on the living conditions of graduate students in Kingston and explores how locating the best home internet provider can help alleviate the financial burdens faced by graduate students in Kingston and beyond.

Kingston, recognised for its dynamic intellectual community, is a place where graduate students flourish. However, the growing cost of living, restricted housing alternatives, and a lack of inexpensive lodgings have become major problems. Many students are compelled to live in shared apartments or even commute long distances. These issues, without a doubt, may have a negative influence on the student’s mental health and impair their academic achievement; hence, I suggest a home internet provider that is unpopular but reliable and affordable for graduate and migrant students living in Kingston.

Having access to reliable internet at home in an increasingly digital world is crucial for graduate students. It facilitates online research, virtual collaboration, and the submission of assignments. With the outbreak of the pandemic, internet connectivity has become even more essential, as classrooms have transitioned online and hybrid. A stable and fast internet connection empowers students to engage in virtual and blended learning seamlessly and stay connected to vital academic resources. Apparently, finding the right home internet provider is essential to offset one of many economic uncertainties and provide graduate students with a reliable connection.

In this article, I consider Oxio one of the best network providers based on affordability, reliability, and customer support. It is crucial to find an internet provider that offers affordable plans, ensuring access to the internet without breaking the bank. Oxio offers uninterrupted and unlimited internet access, which makes it reliable for students to focus on their studies without disruption. An important feature that piques my interest is the responsive and supportive customer service team, which makes all the difference. With Oxio’s range of internet plans, graduate students have the flexibility to select the option that best aligns with their internet speed requirements and budget. By offering different plans, Oxio ensures that every graduate student can access reliable, high-speed internet at an affordable price, empowering them to excel in their studies without worrying about their internet connectivity.


Ikeoluwapo B. Baruwa
Doctoral Student, Queen’s University
Occupational Health and Safety Officer, PSAC901


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