Letter to the Editor: Give Me Fair Priced Food, Energy and Affordable Housing, or Prepare for Trouble

Dear Editors,

Food, energy and housing rising our of control. The prices set are not done by some independent agency called the marketplace (as business would like to refer) but by individual grocers, petroleum firms and Developers with the Real Estate Agents. The Government spends millions telling us to eat local, fresh veggies, fruit and food, while they also allow “the Marketplace” to make it impossible to feed a family of four with fresh anything really.

We all are far to dependent upon our governments. Look what happened during the pandemic and say it is not so? So how about depending upon our governments to bring justice into the mix. Fair priced food, energy and housing. Affordable housing to allow our fellow citizens to begin their lives, apartments that cost less than a families whole wage. Energy costs without the progressive green taxes. If the Federal Government removes or freezes on-going green taxes, we can see who the real culprits are regarding excessive food prices, the corporations that control our agricultural landscape with its retail partners. Governmental preference should go to  local growers, who could get a fair incentive from the government, allowing the small growers of Ontario and Canada to raise their families and acquire a nest egg for their possible retirement.

 Housing Sector can be persuaded to play ball with the government, not be receiving excessive taxes to force their compromise, but establishing a National Building Association with Governments as their primary members. Municipal, Provincial or even the Federal Governments can design, build and finance affordable housing starts all over the nation. Apartment building, prefab insulated housing can all happen if we help direct our governments away from dependence upon the private sector and place their investments into projects for the people of Canada for a change. Housing will remain excessively high so long as we allow it. Our housing preferences, our expectations must change, and with it our excessive hunger for life style property, foods and vehicles too. Every Dictator I have studied has maintained power by fulfilling their populations needs for these three necessary items. Politicians out there, realize the whirlwind that maybe coming soon, a population full of fear and anger too.  Another Convoy maybe on its way, with embittered Canadians ready to make those responsible for this mess to pay.

Manage our expectations – Realize our Budgetary Demands – Get a hold upon our consumer hunger .

Allow our governments to make available what we truly need, affordable housing, less costly energy and food.


Steven Kaszab


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