Letter to the Editor: October 24

Dear Editor,

Another homecoming to make us proud: students vomiting in the streets and in the ambulance, clogging up the hospital with their alcohol-poisoned friends.

As a resident of Kingston I just want to say a word to the student who hollered at me, “Peasant,” as I attempted to turn a corner.

You, sir, should probably not drink if it causes you to expose your ignorance. Although I was amused — since I have a diploma in Communication Arts, a B.A. from the University of Alberta and a LLB (now a JD) from Queens itself — I did feel obliged to write this letter.

The young fellow who shouted “Peasant” at me seems to be unaware that Queen’s is situated in Kingston. Many Queen’s students come from the city, itself and intend to remain here. Many Queen’s students find they love the city so much that they opt to stay after their education is finished. Sometimes seems as if every taxi driver in Kingston has a PhD in English.

So the natives are thoroughly familiar with the concept of education. Even though your mother thinks that you, sir, are a young genius, you don’t seem all that special to us. And when you are throwing your drunken entitled self across the crosswalk despite the red light, you just seem… well… idiotic.

But even worse, you are devaluing the reputation of the school we attended and the education we received.

Judith Hazlett, Class of ‘99


Letter to the Editor

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