Letter to the Editor: Regarding ‘The racism at ASUS Orientation was preventable’

Dear Editors,

I wanted to quickly contact The Journal regarding the article: “The racism at ASUS orientation was preventable,” about the information contained within it about which parties approve orientation events.

I first want to reiterate that orientation pre-week socials are not orientation events. They don’t go through the same process of revision that includes the parties The Journal mentioned. Orientation pre-week socials are not subject to the same orientation event approval procedure and are primarily planned within the faculty orientation bodies and societies. Therefore, ORT had no role in approving this social whatsoever.

I also want to acknowledge that the imbedding of SOARB is outdated. As of March 2021, SORC (Senate Orientation Review Committee) was approved to come into effect January 2022. The Orientation Policy can be found on the Queen’s website. All Orientation Events are not subject to the approval of the Commissioner of Campus Affairs, any longer. The Deans and Designates act as final approvers on the Orientation events, with ORT reviewing the event forms in the earliest stages.


Victoria Mills
AMS Vice-President
(University Affairs)


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