Letters to the Editor

On fraternities

On fraternities

Re: “AMS revisits fraternity ban”

Dear Editors,

There is a group of men in Kingston who contribute hundreds of hours of volunteer services annually. They have raised thousands of dollars for diverse charities. They have increased involvement and awareness for numerous philanthropic causes. They train people to become true leaders.

That their name consists of Greek letters does not diminish their worth.

The men of Alpha Epsilon Pi are valuable members of the Kingston community, and any action taken to inhibit their efforts would be a disgrace. They ask not to become an AMS-sanctioned club, or to become

a Queen’s chapter by name.

They simply ask that their members be as free as other students to engage in extra-curricular activities of their own choosing. By any account, this is a reasonable request.

In addition to their philanthropic contributions, the members of AEPi play a vital role in Kingston’s Jewish community. Providing routes through which everyone can form a personal, meaningful Jewish identity is a pillar of creating a strong Jewish community, and giving students a range of organizations through which to find that identity is crucial. Hillel, Chabad, and the synagogues in Kingston are excellent groups that can provide a nurturing community for many students, but they cannot reach everyone. AEPi is open to anyone who espouses their values, and they offer a welcoming environment for students who haven’t found a community in other groups.

Many people close to me have discovered in AEPi a circle of strong and inspiring role models, and my own experience at Queen’s was enriched by their presence. Hindering AEPi’s continuing efforts would be shameful.


Madlyn Axelrod

ArtSci ’11


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