Letters to the Editor: October 24

Statement on evil atrocities in Israel

Dear Editors,

This is offered as a rejoinder to Patrick Deane’s “Statement on Situation in the Middle East

The British Broadcasting Corporation describes Hamas as a “militant group”. I know this because as I was journaling, I thought I would record some facts about the most significant geopolitical event to occur in my short lifetime. I turned to the BBC because I wanted to record reliable information, rather than my own incomplete interpretation of events. I do not have a background in international affairs, after all, nor have I ever been to the Middle East.

The BBC article I clicked on is titled “What is Hamas, and what’s happening in Israel and Gaza?” After reading the piece, I realized I do not need a legacy media outlet to help me interpret Hamas’s actions. I do not need a degree in international relations, or a statement from a political leader, or even a letter from my university assuring students that despite the “situation” in the Middle East, we can continue to expect a safe, inclusive environment that respects the diversity of all people.

So, for the BBC, the academics, the politicians, the superfluous university administrators, and anyone else with the wealth of life experience, credentials, and expertise I lack, yet who still fail to understand, humour me while I tell you what Hamas is, and what’s happening in Israel and Gaza.

Hamas is Evil, and what’s happening in Israel and Gaza is a battle between Good and Evil.

On October 7, 2023, Hamas killed more than 1,300 Israeli citizens. Hamas killed these people because they were Jews. That is why Hamas chose to attack on the Sabbath. That is why Hamas murdered, raped, kidnapped, and tortured infants, grandmothers, men, women, and children indiscriminately. Hamas is Evil.

On May 14, 1948, the State of Israel was created. It was created because since time immemorial there have been people who kill people because they are Jews. That is why Israel has a powerful military. That is why Israel will defend itself. That is why Israel will make every reasonable effort to avoid killing innocents in the process. Israel is Good.

I encourage anyone who may be mystified by the existence of Good and Evil to make use of the resource and support listed below:

Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition. (1966). Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition (RSVCE) – Bible Gateway.



Calum Anderson, Law ’24


Revenge not the answer

Dear Editors,

Thank you for publishing the recent article by a Palestinian student. We are inundated by the voices of Israel’s defenders, but rarely hear the perspective of Palestinians. I attended a demo with Palestinians in Ottawa yesterday and met several students who had lost family members in Gaza.

I am a pacifist. Revenge is never the answer because it perpetuates an endless cycle of violence. Both peoples need states of their own, but this will require Israel to return thousands of acres of stolen land. I am pessimistic that Israel will do this.


Anne Henderson


Shame on Queen’s University for turning a blind eye on Palestinian plight yet again


Dear Editors,

Nothing justifies Hamas terrorists’ depraved brutality. Hamas and Palestinian leaders bear full responsibility for the suffering of Gazans and the anguish of Israelis.

Israel is responding to an unprecedented terror attack by Iran-funded-Palestinian Hamas terrorists from Gaza that has included thousands of bombs being directed at civilians and population centers, kidnapping, murder, and more heinous acts.  Every Israeli knows someone who was murdered, kidnapped, injured, or called up to duty. Israelis discovered dead pregnant women with their stomachs torn open, dead babies hanging out still attached to the umbilical cord.

Hamas terrorists position themselves and their weaponry in heavily populated areas, including in mosques, hospitals, and schools, confident that every innocent person killed is another propaganda victory. Israel targets sites where terrorists are hiding or have weapons caches. Hamas has instructed its population to ignore Israeli warnings and to stay in buildings targeted. Every innocent Palestinian killed in this conflagration is the victim of Hamas.

If you are truly standing with Gaza and not supporting Hamas terrorists, freeing ALL the hostages now, should be your focus. Denounce Hamas’ use of human shields. Demand that Hamas and PIJ use their billions of dollars to better the lives of Gazans rather than terrorize Israelis.

Insist on a future where Israelis and Palestinians can both be safe and secure. Rejecting terrorism is essential for peace in the Middle East.



Holly Rothkopf



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