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Fort Henry expresses thanks for a successful frosh concert

Dear Editors,

It was the largest crowd ever assembled on the east hill of Fort Henry and the most organized and best behaved, largely due to the ‘well oiled’ Queen’s AMS machine and numerous student volunteers. We wish to express our thanks and gratitude to the Queen’s AMS, the student volunteers, members of the Kingston Police Force and Fort Henry staff and volunteers for making the Queen’s Frosh Week concert a grand success.

The Queen’s AMS Security Team, led by Samantha Ushedo, was well informed and organized.They offered rigid security at the concert entrance throughout the entire evening. Other volunteers were stationed at various points around the property and ensured a controlled and enjoyable evening. It was truly amazing to see a controlled student body, sitting or standing, enjoying the musical offerings of the evening. It was the combination of strategic, well planned event organization, thoroughly communicated rules and a willingness on the organizers, volunteers and guests to work together that made this a successful event.

Congratulations and thank you to all the volunteers, staff and attending students. We look forward to partnering again with Queen’s University in the future.

John Robertson


Fort Henry Historic Site of Canada

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