Library looks for winter

Start off your study sessions right with functional fashion

Library looks for winter modelled by Michelle Allan and Zelia Bukhari.

The winter months are all about getting cozy. While the library doesn’t always scream comfort, you can make it just as homey as your room by sporting loungewear to any study session.


Leggings with a fun print, and a loose sweater won’t distract you from work. Adding a blanket scarf for extra warmth will make those late winter nights at the library even more bearable. Leggings: Forever 21.

For those days you want to head to the library between classes, your sweatpants aren’t always the most fashion forward. A soft, long-sleeve, midi-dress will allow you to curl up in the library without the worry of misbehaving buttons, zippers or hemlines. Dress: Urban Outfitters.


If you just can’t stay away from track pants this semester, we understand why. Walking to class becomes more about warmth than looks when the temperature drops to that late night low. By using basic colours like black and white, and matching your top and bottoms, your outfit will look purposefully relaxed. Trackpants: Adidas.


Corduroy skirts are another trend of 2016 that have made it to the New Year. Pairing one with a patterned sweater gives off a studious vibe when you’re feeling like dressing up a little more for the library. Skirt: Garage.

The turtleneck made a comeback in 2016, and during the colder months of 2017 they’ll no doubt be a common sight around campus. The turtleneck sweater has all the function of a scarf without all the hassle of arranging it. Without even trying, you’ll achieve an unstudied air of studiousness. Turtleneck: Mendocino


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