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As everybody living on Johnson Street knows the city has decided to proceed with construction in the Student Village during one of this area’s busiest times. Neither torn up streets on move-in day, the negative effect on parking, nor the early morning wake-up calls with a jack-hammer are beneficial to the needs and wants of Queen’s students. Admittedly this is a burden to those students who live in and around this area, but negative feelings toward the City of Kingston should be reserved for a time when they are better deserved.

Construction was scheduled for completion weeks ago, but due to the aging nature of Kingston’s infrastructure, work is not yet completed.

The biggest problems thus far have arisen not from the construction, but from the students themselves. A number of inebriated students have fallen into holes and one even went so far as to steal a bulldozer, drive it down the street, demolish a car or two, and get himself charged with with some serious traffic violations.

Roadwork of this sort is certainly a nuisance but so to are people acting like idiots. So to those who insist on acting like they’ve never seen a hole in the ground or a truck bigger than their Tonkas, how about just walking by without acting like a child and making the situation worse than it already is for those who live there.

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