More than 2,500 can’t vote in AMS elections after membership opt-outs

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More than 2,500 Queen’s students will be prevented from casting a ballot in the AMS elections after opting out of the Society’s membership fee in September.

15.83 per cent of students chose to opt out of the membership fee after the Student Choice Initiative (SCI) made it, and many others, optional. On Jan. 28 and 29, they won’t be able to cast ballots in AMS elections. They also were not able to sign nomination packages for candidates, who must collect signatures from one per cent of the AMS body. 

“Like every election held in prior years, only AMS Members can vote in AMS elections and referenda,” Ananya Chakraborty, AMS director of communications, wrote in a statement to The Journal. “Like every year, signatures and the associated student numbers are vetted by the AMS elections team to determine whether or not they are AMS Members,” Chakraborty said.

On Jan. 28 and 29, students will elect a new AMS executive team and rector. Each of the nine faculty societies will also be hosting elections, and students will vote in the winter referendum.


Corrections to AMS voting policy updates this year have been made.

The Journal regrets the error


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