Morgan Wallen amazes yet again on ‘One Thing At A Time’

Country star’s long-awaited third album does not disappoint

Image by: Rida Chaudhry
Wallen’s album has something for everyone.

Morgan Wallen made a strong return with the highly anticipated One Thing At A Time two years after his Billboard Top Country Album, Dangerous: The Double Album. 

His previous work set enormous expectations for his new music, both in its genre-traversing appeal and the sheer volume of songs. Despite the quantity, Wallen has taken no shortcuts as the quality of each song remains top tier.

On brand with Wallen’s previous albums, this track list has no skips. Some personal favourites include “Man Made A Bar,” ‘’98 Braves,” “Keith Whitley,” “Thought You Should Know,” “I Deserve A Drink,” “Days That End In Why,” “Money On Me,” “Had It,” and “Good Girl Gone Missin.” 

‘‘98 Braves” is the first time Wallen has incorporated baseball into one of his songs and is a nostalgic tribute to the 1998 Atlanta Braves. The team lost the World Series to the San Diego Padres, and he contrasts this with a past failed relationship. The play on words is exceptionally creative, and  the instrumental is entrancing.

“Thought You Should Know” is yet another tribute, this time to his mother. Wallen thanks her for her prayers that “finally came through” as he describes his current lifestyle and poor choices while remaining grateful for everything she has done for him. It shows the vulnerable side of Wallen, veering away from the typical heartbreak and alcohol themes. 

The country anthem of the summer is also found on this album with “Ain’t That Some.”  

“In The Bible” with HARDY is a melodic tune reflecting on “if being country was in the Bible,” contrasting Christianity and a country lifestyle Meanwhile, “Cowgirls” with ERNEST has a completely different vibe, with hip-hop-style 808 drums. 

“Outlook” is one of the deepest and most meaningful songs in the album, where Wallen describes how his perspective of life has changed over time, realizing alcohol is not the answer to his problems. The harmonies with his sister Ashlyne add another dimension to the track.

Apart from the obvious themes of love, heartbreak, drinking, and religion, there is no apparent storyline in the ordering of the track list. However, Wallen did state  “Born With A Beer In My Hand” and “Dying Man” were respectively placed at the beginning and end of the album on purpose.

While often drawing criticism from classic country fans, the crossover appeal of Wallen’s music is a gateway into country music for those who enjoy hip hop tunes. 

On “180 (Lifestyle),” Wallen interpolates rapper Young Thug’s 2014 track “Lifestyle,” reperforming original melodies and lyrics from Thug’s nostalgic classic. This all comes after rapper Lil Durk featured Wallen on his hit “Broadway Girls,” one of the first hip-hop and country crossovers.

Overall, this album has a song for everyone, from classic country fans to hip-hop fans who want a taste of country.


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