Must-have men’s fall accessories

With the onset of fall, the temperature starts to dip and days become shorter. Having a wardrobe adequately prepared to face the season will certainly aid in the chilly transition.

Fortunately, fall weather allows for an assortment of accessories. Finding a balance between classic styles and new trends is often the best approach to piecing together fall outfits.


Shoes are a very large part of any outfit, so choosing a pair that’s stylish in addition to being versatile and comfortable is important.

A dark leather shoe or boot is a classic look that’ll go well with a whole variety of outfits. The versatility is a definite benefit — they can be worn casually or in dressier settings.

Depending on the shoe, they may transition well into early winter if they’re more of a boot than a shoe, which is an added bonus.


Although the weather may still be quite warm in early September, a hat will most certainly come in handy as the days become shorter and the nights turn cold.

It’s a simple and helpful accessory that’ll keep you warm walking home from an evening class or serve as a statement piece to an outfit.

I prefer a darker-coloured toque myself, but brown and dark red are generally good colours for the season.


Even for everyone carrying a cellphone with a clock readily accessible, a watch is still an accessory with plenty of utility. As far as watches go, choose what you feel suits you best.

The simple brown leather strap watch is always a look I’ve enjoyed. However, personal preference can vary greatly and there’s an array of styles available. A watch may be small but it has a strong impact on the way an outfit comes together.


Sunglasses are often associated with the summertime; however, that doesn’t mean they don’t have a place within a fall outfit.

Much like watches, there are a whole variety of sunglasses to choose from and choosing a style really is just a matter of deciding what you like best. Personally, I prefer the classic black Ray Ban Wayfarer due to their sturdy construction and vintage look.

Choosing a style that’s comfortable and suited towards your personal style is the most important criteria, though.


Choosing a backpack that can offer functionality in addition to style may sometimes seem difficult. A standard classic backpack is always a viable option but don’t be afraid to venture beyond the conventional backpack into different styles.

A rucksack is an easy way to try something new without losing the functionality that you would have with any standard backpack. A brown or tan canvas definitely suits the fall colours but can certainly be worn year-round.


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