Navigating the holidays this season

Holiday traditions to reminisce on your childhood and embrace adulthood

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I think it’s safe to say we’re at a weird time in our lives. We joke about not understanding how to navigate adulthood and eating KD for days on end. But actually, as university students, we carry a significant amount of responsibility in our daily lives.

This dynamic doesn’t go away when the time for the holidays come around. The Journal rounded up all of the things to do this holiday season to make you feel like a kid again or embrace the benefits of being an adult. 

Bake holiday cookies

This fun tradition will literally never get old — no matter how old we get. 

Whether you want to throw those Pillsbury cutouts in the oven and call it a day or go all out with sprinkles and frosting, this is the perfect holiday activity for a cozy afternoon. You can make it a family tradition or do it with your friends, bringing it full circle to your childhood. All these steps are guaranteed to bring you back to simpler times and make you forget your impending exam marks for at least a couple hours.

Have a holiday drink by the fire

For many of us, one of the undeniable bonuses of being an adult is alcohol. Why not cheers to the holidays by trying out one of the seemingly infinite amount of holiday drink recipes floating around online. My personal recommendation is so simple it only requires two ingredients — hot chocolate and Kahlua. This festive combination is perfect for sitting by the fire for some well-deserved family time.

Have a snow day

Remember the excitement of an unexpected snow day? Waking up, getting the news, going back to sleep for a couple hours and then making the most of your school-free day? Just because you’re in university and Queen’s literally never announces snow days,  doesn’t mean the tradition needs to change, especially when you’re at home. Take a day off after an overnight snowfall outside and make the most of the weather — grab your sleds, make snow angels and get out your coziest winter attire to enjoy a winter day reminiscent of your favourite childhood memories. 

Holiday card photo shoot

Remember those tedious family photoshoots taken every year to get the perfect picture for the family holiday card? Those times were the worst but you can turn around those memories by bringing back your childhood tradition in your new, reluctantly-found adulthood. Planning a holiday themed photoshoot with your friends, family or housemates is a great way to channel back to the old days and make a long-lasting memory. 

Cook  dinner for your family

Given the fact that you’re somewhat of an adult now with new abilities since your days living at home, why not offer to cook or help cook the big family holiday meal this year? The process of buying the groceries, planning the meals and actually doing the cooking will feel like a massive accomplishment. Getting swept up with the excitement of cooking is also a great stress relief after weeks of frantic exam prep. Plus, you’ll probably be able to get out of doing the dishes. In the minds of many, the winter holidays are the best time of the year. The endless joy, festive traditions and inevitable but hilarious family drama are incentive enough to embrace the holiday. But going home also allows us the chance to figure out how to navigate the world of quasi adulthood in the comfort of our parents’ home.



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