New AMS council hired

Nine commissioner and director positions filled

The new AMS council will take office on May 1.
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The new AMS council will take office on May 1.

Next year’s AMS council was hired on Sunday night by incoming AMS executive team JDL.

Each of the six commissioners head a body of the student government which manages a specialized portfolio. They’re responsible for organizing activities, issuing publications and facilitating campus affairs.

The three directors are in charge of managing AMS services.

The hiring process spanned from Tuesday to Sunday. “We had them split into different rooms and we gave them different situations,” vice-president-elect of university affairs Mira Dineen said.

“You get to see them work together and their personalities come out in a different way.”

Vice-president-elect of operations Tristan Lee said the team had a goal in mind during hiring this year.

“As important as they are in individuals, they have to operate as a council,” Lee said.

Academic Affairs Commissioner

Isabelle Duchaine

Isabelle Duchaine, ArtSci ’13, served as deputy commissioner for the Academic Affairs Commission and said she plans to build off the changes made by past AMS councils while heading the commission next year.

“The next step is rebuilding internal strength and enhancing the volunteer opportunities represented within the commission,” she said.

Duchaine said her experience working with vice-president-elect of university affairs Mira Dineen, who held the role this year, encouraged her to apply for the position.

“I found her role to be the most interesting,” she said. “I’m grateful for the opportunities that the [AMS] has given me and I’m excited to give them to other students as well.”

Campus Activities Commissioner

Claire Casher

Claire Casher, ArtSci ’13, said she hopes it was her passion for the Campus Activities Commission that led her hiring.

“I’ve had some of my most memorable experiences at Queen’s through the commission,” she said. “My experience and my passion made me a strong candidate during the interview process.”

Casher has served this year as a deputy commissioner, and also worked in the past for Exposure Arts Festival, Charity Ball and Queen’s Model United Nations.

She said she plans to continue to run events organized by the commission, while providing necessary tweaks.

“I want to make it a resource for any form of student-run activity on campus so we can add to the vibrancy that Queen’s community brings,” she said.

Environment and Sustainability Commissioner

Ty Greene

Ty Greene, PheKin’13, said the Commission of the Environment and Sustainability that started in 2011 needs to grow.

“I want to start concrete projects that will benefit the student community through the use of sustainable methods,” he said.

Greene said being hired for the position shows the incoming AMS executive’s ability to hire “competent individuals.” Greene served as the sustainability director on the Orientation Round Table as well deputy commissioner for the Campus Activities Commission.

He said being a kinesiology student brings a different perspective to AMS council.

“It’s probably one of the reasons why I got hired,” he said.

Internal Affairs Commissioner

Liam Faught

Liam Faught said he was nervous during his interview for the commissioner of internal affairs .

“I thought my first interview was terrible — I started applying for jobs as soon as I walked out of there,” Faught, ArtSci ’14, said.

Faught added that he’s prepared to deal with threats against the student-run non-academic discipline system.

“We’re going to evaluate the system and keep discussion open,” he said. “We’re still waiting on proposals from the administration so once those come out, we’ll go forward from there.”

Municipal Affairs Commissioner

Troy Sherman

Troy Sherman will be staying put in the Municipal Affairs Commission. He was one of two deputy commissioners this year. He said the first thing he’s going to do in May is housekeeping.

“I’m going to clean the office. There are lots of old juice boxes in there,” he said.

Sherman started at the AMS as an intern in 2010.

“It’s always been welcoming for me, it’s always been somewhere I’ve felt I could grow and provide a contribution,” Sherman, ArtSci ’14, said, adding that he enjoyed writing the proposal for his application.

Social Issues Commissioner

Katie Conway

Katie Conway said applying for the social issues commissioner was a natural step.

“So far in the commission, I was on the Queen’s Feminist Review in my second year and this year I’m deputy of publications,” Conway, ArtSci ’13, said.

Conway said she wants to create a new deputy position under the commission.

“I will be hiring a special projects deputy,” she said. “The Social Issues Commission has an amazing capacity to run educational campaigns and this would help with that.”

Hospitality and Safety Services Director

Keenan Randall

Keenan Randall, ArtSci ’13, began working for the AMS when he interned for the hospitality and safety services director in his first year, going on to work as a staff member at Common Ground then moving to become assistant manager this year.

He said his experience at Common Ground will prepare him for his position.

“As a manager I understand the daily challenges that staff and other managers face,” he said.

Media Services Director

Terra-Ann Arnone

Terra-Ann Arnone, ArtSci ’13, has been involved with on campus media outlets since her first year and said she’s not afraid to be a transitional media services director.

“The way people are engaging with media is changing and that will affect small services like the ones on campus for next year,” she said.

Arnone is the current Journal Features Editor and spent last summer working for Yearbook Design Services.

“Having worked at the Journal I know its day-to-day functions,” she said. “I know how it feels to be a staff there.”

Retail Services Director

Alvin Suen

Incoming retail services director Alvin Suen said experience as head manager of the Yearbook and Design Services this year gave him necessary experience for the position.

“It’s definitely helped me understand different portfolios and budgets,” Suen, ArtSci ’12, said.

Suen said the first thing he wants to do when his term starts is hire a team.

“I’m looking for enthusiasm and passion and a willingness to get the job done.”


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