New band brings the heat

Logan Brown takes his band NUBS across town

Rock singer Logan Nubs Brown sold out his debut EP at his first show with his newly-formed band NUBS last summer.

The experienced Kingston-based musician formed the band in 2014 as a vocalist, writer and guitarist with bass guitarist Mitch Hawkins and Dustin Black on drums.

Over the past five years, Brown has focused on refining his rock sound and incorporating original music that is unlike anything that many audiences may have heard.

“I used to be in a heavy metal band, but in my last years of high school I realized that I wanted to both mature as a person and as an artist,” Brown told the Journal via email. “So I left the band and started my solo project which is NUBS.”

Brown has since become the band leader, and has been able to work with many of his favourite musicians.

The band, sticking to their quirky sound, plays a variety of music when performing, including indie-rock, scat-jazz-funk and traditional rock.

Although the artist doesn’t perform as much with an acoustic sound anymore, he uses acoustic overlays in his musical recording to create a more rich sound.

“While I don’t perform with the acoustic anymore, I still rely on it heavily for recording,” he said. “Cutting guitar tracks with an acoustic adds that beautiful funk rhythm to the music that I crave to hear when I listen back to a track.”

When the band formed, they quickly began writing original material after warming up with shows singing their blues favourites. Soon after, the band had formed their first small EP, entitled NUBS.

In terms of their future musical plans, Brown and his band-members have already headed to the studio to record more music.

“My trio and I are going into the studio next weekend to record our first single,” Brown said. “We’re gonna take our time with this record and make sure it’s the best it can possibly be. When it’s done it should have 10-12 tracks on it. I’m very excited.”

Brown’s most valued aspect of being a musician is the connection between the music, people and nature that’s present when he’s performing, he added.

“To be one with nature expressing itself the same way it expresses itself when a tree grows — music is without a doubt the greatest artistic medium,” he said. “To watch just one person groove to my interpretation of that medium is such a spiritual experience.”

NUBS plays at The Toucan on Jan. 17 at 10 p.m.


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