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The Queen’s Journal is welcoming a new blog to the online hub, titled “Student Life”.

In an effort to avoid cliché description of a student’s life, I will not attempt to summarize such. On a diverse campus such as our’s, the life of a student varies so wildly that little can be said to describe it. This blog will be a place for writers to post about their own student life, draw connections with those who read it and begin a forum of discussion about day-to-day activity from Bader to Brock and beyond.

As students transition from home to life away, or simply another year in tricolour, many encounter spirituality in an array of forms. The influences of religion- thought by some to be an abrasive force and to others the bedrock of life- are well and alive on campus. For those students hoping to find their spiritual niche, the Queen’s Chaplain’s office will be writing a blog about religious life in a non-denominational school. Kara Braun will post under the blog “Safe Space”. Here students can find information regarding local religious events and openly access discussion about spirituality on campus.

While the second year of Queen’s Fauxcoming draws to a close, a buzz is echoed on campus. Over the steady hum of street cleaners on Aberdeen, there is the solemn sound of discussion- one which, before the end of this calendar year, will generate a decision about next year’s Fauxcoming/Homecoming plans. Look to Student Life for updates on this discussion and opinions from campus groups about the potential re-instation of Homecoming next fall.

Finally, Student Life will be releasing a series of posts about the ever-scrutinized on-campus governance, the Alma Mater Society. Arguably the largest and most active student group on campus has come to be one of the least understood. We hope to remedy this with break downs of who’s-who and what’s-what in AMS offices. Here we’ll be formally opening discussion on the Mater- put your tams on and tell Student Life, are they playing your song?

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