New terrace opens at Stauffer Library

Student describe space as “relaxed and comfortable.”

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Stauff Library

Stauffer has unveiled a new patio space, expanding the building’s “open air” space.

The patio is on the building’s second floor, overlooking the intersection between University Avenue and Union Street. It’s accessible through the Alan G. Green Fireplace Reading Room.

The library held a celebration for the opening of the terrace last Thursday.

“The development of the Stauffer Library Terrace was one of the concepts that came out of the Library and Archives Master Plan (LAMP) which envisions the Queen’s Library and Archives of the present and the future,” Finance and Administration Operations Manager Nancy Petri wrote in an email to The Journal.  

The website describes the terrace as the “perfect place to spend a sunny afternoon studying in the open air, or discussing a project with fellow researchers until the sun sets.” 

Petri said the student response to the space has been “extremely positive.”

Stauffer isn’t looking into any future developments of outdoor study spaces at the moment, but Petri said the Library is always open to suggestions. 

“The space is a really nice outlet to study while trying to enjoy the last few weeks of good weather,” student Callie Caroll told The Journal.  

Caroll added the space was “overwhelmingly relaxed and comfortable.” 


Stauffer Library

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