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Staalduinenon wins computer science presidency

Computing Students’ Association (COMPSA) elected Rob Staalduinenon Wednesday as their next president. He received a 91 per cent vote of confidence.

“I was confident going into the election but for it to actually be confirmed, it was surreal,” he said. “I am prepared for this job. Right now I’m pretty much trying to take in a wealth of information to help me best prepare for my term.” Staalduinenon said the first order of business as the elected president is to hire council and to work closely with the current president to ensure a smooth transition period.

Following this, he said he hopes to begin organizing student group tutorials and the guide to computer science courses for students.

“I want to get the online system up and running,” he said.

“I want professor input in this. We need to know if the group tutorials are something that would help them out, we want to make sure that this is something that will help students as well.” He said the guide to computer science courses will be an extension of a course guide from a student’s perspective and it will be featured on the faculty society website.

“That [process is] gonna involve asking a lot of students questions as to what courses they like, what they thought of the course material and so on,” he said, adding that he hopes to incorporate students’ testimonials of the level of difficulty and applicability to career fields in the guide.

“I really hope to do the best I can and hope to have a positive impact on COMPSA,” he said.

Labiba Haque

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