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SGPS discusses possible grad lounge

The empty space left in the JDUC after the AMS moves the Common Ground coffeehouse into the Queen’s Centre on Dec. 1 may be used as a graduate student lounge or café, Society of Graduate and Professional Students (SGPS) Vice-President (Finance and Services) Amir Nosrat said.

Nosrat said the idea to turn the space into a quiet study lounge for graduate and professional students was first recommended in 2007.

“One of the main objectives for the SGPS is to try to create an identity for our membership,” he said, adding that one of the biggest problems indicated by past transition reports is that SGPS members often feel disconnected from the society.

“The ultimate recommendation that was made to us was to create a SGPS centre,” he said. “However, we are limited due to finances.”

Nosrat said he’s drawing up plans for a potential lounge but nothing has been finalized.

The idea was discussed at AMS Assembly on Nov. 13.

“As of now, the SGPS membership hasn’t finalized this,” he said. “We still have to conduct surveys in order to know how our members feel towards this idea and that won’t happen until at least December.”

Nosrat said because of financial limitations, the SGPS is leaning towards a lounge area with seating instead of a café.

“The café is a part of a broader effort to create a unity amongst SGPS members.”

—Labiba Haque

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