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  • A Queen’s scientist is beginning a study in an undeveloped field of research: male menopause or andropause. Dr. Alvaro Morales of the Department of Urology, along with researchers in Rochester and Quebec, will be examining the symptoms associated with the aging process such as a lowered sex drive, depression and fatigue. Dr. Morales told the Queen’s Gazette that research into how men age is 25 years behind comparable studies in women and that understanding these biological and emotional changes is critically important in preparing for an increase in the number of elderly people in the global population.

    “In our lifetimes, the number of elderly persons will triple. The earth is hosting a rapidly aging population and we need to find answers to a decline in hormonal production that we find in aging men.”

  • What are the goals and implications for ‘student run’ orientation? This is one of the key questions that the Senate Orientation Activities Review Board (SOARB) is seeking the Queen’s community’s help in answering. The committee would like to hear the views of the university community on a number of questions that it posed in its discussion paper on the future of orientation, including Whose interests does orientation serve? What are the goals and objectives of Orientation Week? How should responsibilities be assigned and what structures can be put in place to make orientation happen and happen well? Those who wish to express their ideas on this topic can visit the web site ssion.html.
  • Interested in shaping the future of Queen’s University? Queen’s Senate committees are looking for faculty, staff and student members. Committee openings include Academic Development, Educational Equity, Fine Arts & Public Lectures, Student Aid and more. The deadline is Monday, Feb. 12.

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