News in Brief: Student fee reimbursements after adjustments made

AMS adjusts fees to reflect service availability

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The fees will be reimbursed automatically to SOLUS.

The AMS has readjusted certain student ancillary fees to reflect service operations during the ongoing pandemic.

The University designated mid-September and mid-January as two points at which the University, the AMS, and the Society of Graduate and Professional Students (SGPS) can readjust their student ancillary fees. 

The AMS is providing three rebates to undergraduate students this semester: the Peer Support Centre and Queen’s Student Constables student ancillary fees rebate will total $30,000 each, which accounts for $1.55 per student for each fee; the Walkhome student ancillary fee rebate will be $56,555, providing a reimbursement of $2.92 to each student.

The SGPS Walkhome student ancillary fee will also be reimbursed $2.92 per student, for a total rebate of $13,445.

The fees will be automatically adjusted in each student’s SOLUS account before tuition is due on Jan. 31.

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