Next year’s AMS Head Managers hired

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The incoming AMS executive team has announced the newly hired Head Managers for AMS services for the 2016-17 year.

Of the 21 Head Manager applications they received, the AMS has hired the following seven Head Managers:

  • Kodie Rollan, ArtSci ’16, for Common Ground Coffeehouse (CoGro)
  • Kevin Lynch, ArtSci ’16, for the Publishing & Copy Centre
  • Logan Murray, ArtSci ’16, for Queen’s Student Constables
  • Dev Aransevia, ArtSci ’17, for Studio Q
  • Laura Bossy, ArtSci ’16, for the AMS Pub Services (TAPS)
  • Maddie Gibson, ArtSci ’17, for Tricolour Outlet
  • Alex Reino, ArtSci ’16, for Walkhome

The AMS will announce their 2016-17 Assistant and Government Managers on March 6.


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