Nine faculty members honoured

Nine faculty members at Queen’s have been elected to the Royal Society of Canada, the greatest number of Queen’s inductees in a single year.

Roger Deeley, who works in the Cancer Research Institute, developed approaches to cloning genes based on their level of activity, leading to the discovery of a multidrug resistance protein that’s associated with resistance to chemotherapy in cancer and some forms of leukemia.

Myra J. Hird, in environmental studies, researches how social sciences and the humanities can engage with scientific knowledge to improve responses to global issues including climate change and waste.

Ian McKay, in history, is said to have changed the basic concepts of the field of Canadian history, and his research into Canadian working-class culture, politics and historical theory continue to inform the work of other historians.

Peter Milliken, in policy studies, is Canada’s longest-serving Speaker of the House of Commons and an expert on the rules and procedures of parliamentary democracy.

François Rouget, in French, specializes in Renaissance literature and is a leading researcher in poetry, especially poets working in the second half of the 16th century.

Wendy Craig, in psychology, is an international expert on bullying prevention and the promotion of healthy relationships. She’s the founder and co-scientific director of Promoting Relationships and Eliminating Violence Network (PREVNet).

W. George Lovell, in geography, is an international scholar of historical geography whose work on Central America has impacted geography and other related fields. He’s considered to be a leading authority on the survival of indigenous Mayans.

Erwin Buncel, in chemistry, has been published in over 350 journals and written four books, and developed avenues of investigation in bioorganic, bioinorganic and physical organic chemistry.

John Burge, in music, is an award-winning composer.



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