No Reservations

By Trilby Goouch

Blogs Editor

Last week QJBlogs covered Departures to help cure your travel bug. Today, we’re bringing you another must-see series that documents travelling experiences, this time with a focus on food. A lot of cultural traditions are surrounded by food, and you can find out a lot about them by observing how people eat.

Anthony Bourdain, chef and author of Kitchen Confidential, taste-tests across the globe exploring restaurants and cultural norms. Each episode covers a different culture, featuring traditional dishes, dining experiences and general information that leaves you with a well-rounded knowledge of the society. A local expert often accompanies him, providing suggestions and information on what dishes to order, how they are prepared and how to eat them. With years of culinary experience under his belt, Bourdain makes for an informative and entertaining host. Whether he’s trying out absinthe and documenting his hallucinations or learning how to eat curry with his hands, each episode is a feast for the eyes and full of delicious meals that are sure to leave you eager to try. What I like about No Reservations is that you get a glimpse of cultural traditions at their source and it teaches you etiquette, tips and tricks that you can utilize in restaurants back at home. Bourdain’s background in cuisine provides an expert-view on each culinary experience, which is different than that of your average travel show. Here are a few highlights:

  1. Paris
  2. Dubai
  3. Vietnam
  4. Cuba
  5. Finland
  6. Greek Islands
  7. Mozambique

Pick an episode and enjoy!

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