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What to do in Kingston for Valentine’s with no significant other

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Take charge and make your own plans for Valentine's Day.

There are lots of reasons students don’t spend Valentine’s Day with a significant other.

First of all, we might just not have one (and there’s nothing wrong with that). In other cases, people are busy, while others don’t find the 14th of February the most important date to prioritize when in a relationship, especially when birthdays and anniversaries are out there.

But, sometimes it’s because we don’t know if we’re meantto be spending Valentine’s Day with someone. Maybe you haven’t defined the relationship yet, maybe you’ve only been on a few dates, or maybe they’re just a bit of a flake and can’t be pinned down, especially not on this specific day of the year.

Whatever the reason, my suggestion is to take the pressure off by arranging to do something else without them.

Valentine’s Day will be back next year: it’s not essential to celebrate it right now. Besides, it’s all just a product of capitalism anyway—not to mention that doing something on your own will prove to your new or undefined romantic partner that you’re independent and are always going to prioritize yourself.

If they won’t make the time for you on Valentine’s Day, you shouldn’t waste time wondering if you’re meant to be spending it with them. So, here’s what you can do on Feb. 14 instead.

Laser tag to avoid lovesick couples

Get all your mates together for a game of laser tag. Just a stone’s throw away from Value Village, Putt ‘N’ Blast is one of the only fun forms of cardio around, and will allow you to release that pent up, “are we, aren’t we?” energy in a relatively non-violent way.

Plus, it’s almost a guarantee that you won’t bump into any lovesick couples. Just screaming eight-year-olds.

Karaoke to sing your troubles away

Visit the Tir Nan Og Pub on Ontario St. for a wild night of drinking and butchering some classic tunes. Seeing strangers and your friends embarrass themselves will remind you that everyone is a bit of a mess and there’s nothing wrong with that. (Just remember, no love ballads).

Swap Valentine’s Day for Palentine’s Day

Plan something with that friend you keep meaning to catch up with. Why bother with new connections on Feb. 14 when instead you can finally open that message from three weeks ago that you feel too guilty about opening now because you think it’s been too long? Spoiler: it hasn’t!

Get a cup of coffee at Crave (safe from couples because of all the cramming students) or just stay in with your friend and some Netflix. A catch-up will also always give you a fresh perspective on any new relationships you might be about to enter into.

Become a Hot Girl Scholar

Have a night at Stauffer. Sure, it’s not the most appealing of options but, Hot Girl Scholar is still going strong and why not prove it to yourself by pouring over books instead of that one person’s Instagram or Tinder account. Send a picture of your book to the family group chat to let your parents know that you’re making good use of their money, too.

Give a puck about hockey, not your relationship status

Go support your local ice hockey team. The Kingston Frontenacs actually aren’t too bad and could always do with the extra support. The match on Friday kicks off at 7 p.m. at the Leon’s Centre. There’s no kiss cam and always the chance of a punch-up, so round up the gang, pre-game at the Public House, and then spend the evening on the edge of your seat.

Give back, not text back

If your friends have all been securely cuffed and left you on your lonesome, then find some community at Martha’s Table, a non-profit charitable organization that provides meals for those in need.

They’ll be hosting their volunteer appreciation week during February, a week dedicated to thanking those who have helped so far, so you can appreciate those who have been helping all along instead of trying to appreciate that not-so-special-someone. Sign up on the website beforehand, then go and give back to society instead of waiting for a text back.


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