November Senate: The search for the new dean of Smith School of Business continues

Principal Deane discusses response to the Principal’s Conversation

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The University continues to search for candidates in Canada and worldwide for the position of dean at the Smith School of Business.

Queen’s Senate met over video-chat platform Zoom this past Tuesday.

Provost’s Report

Provost and Vice-Principal (Academic) Mark Green began by addressing the ongoing process of hiring a new dean for the Smith School of Business. 

Green said the search for the new dean is underway, with the University being in the first phase of the search. Green told Senate this first phase of the search entails advertising the position to solicit interested candidates, both in Canada and worldwide.

“We are advertising and recruiting broadly to ensure we have a deep, strong, and very diverse candidate pool,” Green said. “We’re looking at ways of further engaging with the Smith community in our processes while respecting confidentiality and privacy that the candidates expect in the hiring process.”

Responding to a question about how candidates will be briefed on issues of racism at the Smith School of Business, Green noted that candidates for the position will be made aware of the culture at Smith.

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“We do recognize many of what was shared in the Instagram account ‘Stolen by Smith’ and the public forums about the difficult situation [at Smith]. We will be honest and frank with candidates about the situation; there is no point in bringing individuals in and springing something upon them afterwards,” Green said. 

“In discussions with the hiring committee, we are looking very clearly and frankly about what is needed for the Smith School of Business, and are looking at ways of making constructive and meaningful change in selecting our next leader for the Smith School of Business.”

Green reported to Senate members that the University is aiming to have the new dean in place by July of 2021.

“We need to create a safe and diverse community for our students, staff and faculty members and whole learning environment. That is what will move the institution forward.”

Green also noted that the Agnes Etherington Art Centre had hired a new Director and Curator, Emelie Chhangur. Chhangur is joining the Agnes from the Art Gallery of York University and is the recipient of the 2019 Ontario Association of Art Galleries’ inaugural BIPOC Changemaker Award, and was a finalist for the Margot Bindhardt and Rita Davies Cultural Leadership Award.

“We’re extremely lucky to have her join us at Queen’s,” Green said.

Principal’s Report

Principal Patrick Deane addressed the report on the Principal’s Conversation issued last month. 

“The intention for the report is that the report will be the foundation of a strategic framework to be developed over the coming months to guide the University in the future,” Deane told Senate.

The report, titled “Components of an Emerging Strategy: A Report on The Conversation,” was shared to spur further discussion within the University about the findings of the Conversation. Deane also said the report was shared to get feedback on the three pillars cited as being crucial to improvement of the University. 

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The three pillars Deane cited as being crucial to the University’s development include the internationalization of the University, attending to the quality of the University community, and an emphasis on partnerships to aid the University in maximizing its global purpose. 

“The report addresses these issues at both a local and a global level, and extends the issue of partnerships into a discussion on research,” Deane said.

Deane touched on the importance of the principles of Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Indigeneity (EDII) as being important to examine when attending to the nature and quality of the University community. 

Deane also noted that the University has begun the review of its international strategy, which is being conducted with the support of the International Associations of Universities (IAU) through its Internationalization Strategic Advisory Service. Deane told Senate that a representative from the IAU had visited campus in the last month, and explained that the process for reviewing the University’s international standing would take about a year to complete. 

“The process will begin with a self-study, where the process will resemble program and departmental assessments,” Deane said. “Once the self-study is completed, an assessment of the University and its strategy conducted by a number of external consultants.”

Deane said there’ll be opportunities for Senate members and the University community to participate in the evolution of the strategy as outlined in the report at next month’s Senate meeting.

“The feedback from the community at large [for the report on the Conversation] is very much appreciated,” Deane said. 

Motions passed

Senate approved a motion to amend the Bachelor of Health Sciences (Honours) program to add an internship option for students. Effective Jan. 1 2021, the Faculty of Health Sciences will offer internships to students in the Bachelor of Health Sciences program through the Faculty’s partnership with Queen’s Undergraduate Internship Program (QUIP). Students will be eligible for paid, 12-to-16-month internship opportunities after their third year. 

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