Nubs rocks Musikkii

The Kingston artist uses lyrics to connect with crowds

Walking into Musikkii Cafe on Saturday night, I was immediately entranced by the smooth R&B sounds by the musical act of the night.

With a voice as smooth as melted chocolate, Nubs reached out to me in a way I couldn’t turn my ears away from. Roughly 30 people attended.

His lyrics catered the inner John Mayer fan in me, as he sung with a deep soul and passion that couldn’t be replicated: “Well I just can’t sleep alone anymore/Darling won’t you please spend the night?”

As a native Kingstonian, Logan ‘Nubs’ Brown has a familiarity with the city like no other.

Nubs started singing and song-writing in 2014, and since has become a fixture in the Kingston community. He performed nearly every other day throughout the past summer and well into November.

Over the past few years, the artist has focused on fine-tuning his rock music to create a new foundation for his new sound to grow on.

With musical interests ranging from BB King to Ed Sheeran, Nubs has a style that is distinctive to no one else but himself — it’s R&B with a funk rock twist, and soul infused with rhythmic beats.

“I want to write and touch people’s hearts and get them to close the curtains on their minds for a bit and live in the fourth dimension,” Nubs said. “I’m all about peace, love and unity and that’s what my music is about.”

One of Brown’s most valued parts of being a musician is the connection present between the music and people while he’s performing.

With his affable attitude and likable personality, it’s easy to see why Nubs has become so popular in Kingston.

He’s evolved from his acoustic sound — now using more musical recordings instead — but still uses acoustic overlays in his music, paying tribute to his older indie roots.

At various points throughout the night, he invited musicians on stage to add different harmonies to his uncompromising blues and funk style.

Whether it was with the addition of another guitar or even with the simple sounds of a harmonica, there was a softness and light-heartedness in the way the different musical sounds meshed together.

You could tell by the challenging guitar riffs and strong vocals that he was leaving everything on stage.

“I am driven by an adherent love of music and a willingness to play every day, constantly writing and gigging,” he said.



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