Open Mic Night returns to Common Ground

Coffeehouse hosting free performances every Wednesday

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All students are welcome to attend and perform.

Common Ground Coffeehouse (CoGro) Open Mic Nights are returning this month. 

Open Mic Night, which is free for all students, is set to run every Wednesday from 7 to 9 p.m. and will feature live musical performances from students.

Jennifer Chew, CoGro marketing and events manager, said they created Open Mic Night to allow students to share their talent. Chew said keeping the event open to everyone—as both attendees and potential performers—is vital to ensuring it remains as inclusive as possible.

“I think it’s nice to have an open invite to all students to do Mic Night. You don’t have to be in a specific club to be involved, you just sign up as is,” Chew said in an interview with The Journal.

“Anyone who has an interest in performing is more than welcome to sign up.”

By keeping the event inclusive to all Queen’s students, Open Mic Night is a fantastic opportunity to build community around music and expose students to the music scene at Queen’s in a familiar environment. It’s also a great social opportunity for students to connect with peers from other faculties while sharing a passion for music.

“It’s nice that there’s students from different backgrounds, so you don’t necessarily have to study music to perform,” Chew said. “You can be in any faculty to participate, so I think that’s nice as well.”

Attendees of Open Mic Night can expect a relaxed vibe at the event. Most performances are solo acts with a minimalist sound. Regardless, big talent will be on display.

Going into the events, Chew is most excited to attract new students who might not frequently visit CoGro in the evenings.

“People might be inclined to study at libraries and different study spots, but I think having this Open Mic Night might incentivize students to come to CoGro and take a nice study break from the school things that are happening outside,” Chew said.

Open Mic Night further cements CoGro as a valuable source of community for students at Queen’s. The spot is a favourite amongst students for daytime study, but with evening events, CoGro is providing day-long opportunities for students to connect.

“You don’t have to be studying [at CoGro], you can just chat with friends,” Chew said. “It’s a very relaxed environment.”

Although there will be performances, CoGro will remain open throughout Open Mic Nights. Students can grab food and drinks while they enjoy free live music.

Students interested in performing can visit CoGro’s signup form where they will be asked to submit an audio or video clip of themselves. CoGro will offer performers a cake and coffee voucher as a thank-you.

More info can be found on CoGro’s Instagram for students wishing to attend. 


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