Order In: The best places to get delivery in Kingston

By Anna Tran (ConEd ‘ 16)


When you’re living in res like I am, there’s only so much caf food you can take. Ordering in is my floor’s go-to option for a lot of reasons. When you’ve had a long day of classes the last thing you want is to make the long trek to a caf and wait for what seems like an eternity only to get a very sad piece of pork chop or revitalized frozen vegetables.

For those living outside of res, I’m sure you’ve had reasons to order in whether it be because you’re out of groceries, hosting a girls night, games night or just because you’re pretty much too lazy to cook. If even the thought of eating cup noodles or KD for the millionth time is enough to make you gag, I’d say it’s safe to call it a delivery day.

Below I’ve compiled a list of the best budget-friendly places to order-in in Kingston. Bon appetit!

1. Mango (Thai & Pan-Asian)

*Free delivery for orders over $30
Price Range: $13 or less for an entree

Mango has mainly Thai signature favourites such as Pad Thai and Pineapple Fried Rice, but they also offer authentic Vietnamese food. Their menu includes vermicelli noodles with marinated grilled pork chops and crispy spring rolls (just the way my mom makes them — yum!).

2. Papa John’s (Pizza)
Price Range: $6 – $20

I may be a little biased, but Papa John’s is my favourite pizza joint. It’s cheesy, it’s greasy and it’s delicious. What’s great about Papa John’s is that they run a lot of weekly specials. Just the other day my floor mate got a large cheese pizza for $6. What a deal, right?

3. Dong Nai (Vietnamese)
Price Range: $5-6 for a bowl of Pho, $7 for rice dishes and $10 for combo dishes

Having lived in the GTA my entire life, I’m fortunate enough to be surrounded by great Viet food. Dong Nai might not measure up to a lot of them but it’s satisfying, especially when you’re craving a big bowl of Pho. What’s great is that their portions are generous!

4. Ali Baba Kebab (Middle Eastern)
Price Range: $4-$9 for a wrap, $11 for a shawarma plate

If you’re looking for a shawarma fix, look no further. Ali Baba Kebab’s menu includes a variety of Persian and Middle Eastern cuisine for really affordable prices. Mmm.

5. Sima Sushi (Japanese) *Closed on Tuesdays
Price Range: $5-$13 for Maki rolls, $20 for dinner specials

Arguably the best sushi place in Kingston, Sima Sushi offers a wide variety of maki rolls and fresh sashimi. It’s a little pricey, but it’s well worth it when you compare it to a lot of other sushi restaurants of lesser quality.

6. East Side Village (Chinese)
Price Range: $8 for combos, $10 for general entrees

A floor favourite, East Side Village is where we order to satisfy our weekly Chinese food cravings. Greasy and delicious, East Side Village’s menu includes anything you can think of.


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