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“It was the most highly concentrated dose of fun imaginable. Anything more would be lethal.”

—Ryan Najbor, ASUS Orientation Committee

“I had a really good time. My frosh group got a lost closer than I ever expected in four days. All the traditions here are really neat to be a part of-it feels like we belong here.”

—Heidi Shelley, ConEd ’04

“I thought frosh week was a huge success and exceeded the University’s expectations. Our biggest goal and greatest accomplishment was seeing it all happen after so much planning and organization. All the work for the year was definitely worth it.”

—Fiona Schulte, ASUS Orientation Committee Academics Chair

“Everyone seems to have gotten a positive vibe from this week. The feedback I got from NEWTs was really great. Everybody seemed to have a really good time. We didn’t have problems with leaders or their contracts. SOARB was really easy to deal with. They cooperated with us and didn’t try to take over anything this week. This week went off without hitch.”

—Steph Pearson, Head Newt

“Fun was had by all who partook. This was my most favourite memory at Queen’s. This is about as good as it gets.”

—Andrew Pilliar, ASUS Orientation Committee

“I think it was very well run. As far as the Orientation Committees themselves, they did an impeccable job. Cooperation and understanding amongst the groups was superb this year. I’ve been doing Orientation Week for four years, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen it so well run.”

—Chris Fearman, Orientation Roundtable Logistics Facilitator

“Engineering frosh week is by far the best frosh week of all faculties at Queen’s. Despite pressure put on us by SOARB, we were able to have a kick ass frosh week this year. CROUTON!!!”

—Will Dobson, Frec

“It went by so quickly — it was all a blur of cheering and laughing. There was so much spirit and energy from my frosh. I’m going to miss them.”

—Nisanne Tadman, Gael

“Frosh week was an amazing time. I think there was more spirit this year than I’ve ever seen before.”

—Adam Caplan, ASUS Orientation Committee Operations Chair

“Four years for nothing, well that’s nothing new, but no one’s interested in something you didn’t do, unless you’re Crouton.”

—Ranger Mike, Sci ’04

“The week went incredibly well. We had none of the problems everyone was worrying about in terms of issues from the university. My favourite part was knowing that it was so successful, and that it will happen again. Speaking from our faculty, I don’t see how the threat of orientation being taken out of the hands of students could happen. The week itself didn’t feel like four separate days. It felt more like one big amazing day that never stopped.”

—Katrina Pacholik, ASUS Head Gael

“I got lube in my hair, but it was worth it.”

—Janine Foenander, Gael

“My frosh were enthusiastic and willing to have fun. The week went so well.”

—Devon Ryerse, Cape

“It was an amazing week. The Orientation Committees of each faculty should be commended for their hard work ensuring frosh week went off without any major problems. It was an incredible week and I think everyone had an amazing time.”

—Travis MacDonald, Orientation Roundtable Speaker

“It was fun out the yin yang.”

—Robin Senior, ASUS Orientation Committee

“My best week at Queen’s yet.”

—Melissa Monette, Gael

“Frosh week was really well organized. Orientation Roundtable did a great job. To be honest, some SOARB people were rude — walking into our houses without knocking and treating us unfairly. But I thought it was a great week and everyone had fun. If it runs this way every year, I don’t think Queen’s will have a problem with orientation.”

—Chris Savard, Head Cape

“Everyone says that engineers are the bad example of what frosh week is and were watching us to make some big mistakes. But the fact is that more engineers try to be orientation leaders per capita than any other faculty. Even those of us that weren’t chosen to be Frecs this year were willing to go through training and sign the same contracts as Frecs, even though we didn’t receive the respect they did.

We are the same people who were frosh last year, and were supposedly harassed and tormented during our orientation week. Political correctness overthrows the enjoyment of frosh and their leaders.”

—Mike Swan, Pseudo Frec

“It was the biggest adrenaline rush being silver and collecting the frosh from the Vic Hall steps. It was definitely cool.”

—Melissa Birtch, Teach

“I was surprised to see the frosh wearing the uniform so early this year. The uniform being backless shirts and capri pants so tight if you had a dime in your back pocket you could tell if it was heads or tails. But considering I live on Johnson Street, the construction allowed me to enjoy this week mainly frosh-free.”

—Allegra Hill, Passive Onlooker

“Overall it was a big success. We have a really good first year group. Our lip sync on the last night was a good show. It was a great week.”

—Cynthia Thomson, Head Coach

“We had a few problems but not too many. Any problems we did have were easily diffused. There has been an intent to change frosh week. I definitely saw an improvement this year.”

—Kim Baldwin, Manager Student Constables

“The ’04s were really spirited and the leaders did an excellent job. We had a shout out with the engineers and a commerce parade. Traditions like that are always nice.”

—Robin nsey, Commerce Orientation Committee

–Compiled by Carly Weeks

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