Point/Counterpoint: Is iced coffee an appropriate cold weather drink?

Debating whether or not it’s an exclusively summer beverage

Image by: Tessa Warburton
Does iced coffee pair well with the cold?


Crisp autumn days will soon turn into blinding flurries of early snowstorms, and there’s one thing I’m dreading the most: the judgmental stares of onlookers as I sip on my delicious, sweet, ice-cold coffee.

There are a lot of reasons why iced coffee is perceived a so-called summer drink. Consider the annual ‘Dollar Drink Days’ promotion that McDonald’s runs: any sized iced coffee at your fingertips for only a dollar. The catch? You can only enjoy it for one single season.

Any dedicated iced coffee drinker such as myself should be rightfully outraged. If something brings me satisfaction, it shouldn’t matter what the temperature is outside for me to enjoy it.

Speaking of temperature, has everyone forgotten about that not-so-wonderful thing called ‘overheating?’ I can’t be the only one who’s stumbled into a coffee shop to escape the cold and been met with an overwhelming wave of indoor heating. With 17 layers of clothing on, it takes me about one minute to warm up and another 30 seconds to subsequently start sweating intensely. When that happens, do you know what I could go for? A wonderful iced coffee to soothe my soul.

I will never stop fighting for the validation of year-round iced coffee drinkers. Life is too short to not enjoy a chilled caffeinated beverage on any day and in any way that you like.

— Emily Clare, Contributor



Picture this: It’s the first day of fall. You go back home after a long day at school, and you decide to make yourself a hot cup of coffee because you just remembered that you have an essay due at midnight—and you’re far from done. While your fluffy blanket and fuzzy socks help you hunker down and get to work, the hot beverage in your mug is what’s keeping you warm and sane.

Fall is basically the pregame for winter—it’s the time when we start feeling the frigid wind of the Limestone City. Just like staying warm and healthy, your beverage choice isn’t something to take lightly. Autumn is the time for everyone to opt out of the usual Grande iced caramel macchiato for a hot cup of pumpkin spiced whatever.

In fact, a cup of hot coffee has been proven to have significant benefits, like instantly putting one in a more positive mindset. A study published in 2009 found that experiencing physical warmth promotes interpersonal warmth.

This obviously doesn’t apply to everyone, but considering how Thanksgiving also happens to be in the fall, it only seems right that a drink promoting kindness and generosity gets more publicity than an icy latte, right? 

Perhaps an iced coffee does provide one with this instant refreshing feeling upon the first sip, but it just can’t be the beverage for autumn.

— Sydney Ko, Staff Writer


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